Here’s How You Can Visit 3 European Countries in Just 3 Seconds

Wikimedia Commons // Joe K. // CC BY-SA 3.0

For those seeking a travel experience beyond the ordinary, an exceptional opportunity awaits near Kiruna, Sweden’s northernmost gem. The small village of Kilpisjärvi is the starting point for a unique journey to Treriksröset, the convergence point of Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

So, if you manage to visit that tri-point, you visit three European countries in three seconds! Here’s where to go.

A Unique Place

At Treriksröset, a significant piece of history stands tall. Originating in 1897, this marker was jointly placed by Russians and Norwegians to delineate the border during a time when the Finnish section was under Russian rule. In 1926, it saw a replacement, and today, it serves as a symbolic intersection of three European nations.

The small wooden walkway leading to the cairn offers a brief but thrilling stroll where you can boast of standing in multiple countries at once.

Charting Your Own Course

The journey to Treriksröset isn’t a leisurely walk in the park. Adventurers can choose an 11-kilometer hike, immersing themselves in the natural beauty of Malla, Finland’s oldest national park. highly recommended for nature lovers.

For those favoring a more relaxed pace, the M/S Malla, a 45-minute tourist boat available from midsummer to September’s end, presents a scenic alternative. From Koltaluokta, a manageable 3-kilometer hike is a nice option.

A Global Phenomenon Beyond Borders

While Treriksröset holds its unique charm, it’s not the only “tri-point” in the world. The United Nations registry showcases approximately 176 tri-points worldwide, each with its own story.

Wikimedia Commons // TylerTheTraveler // CC BY-SA 3.0

Whether it’s the intersection of Germany, France, and Switzerland or the intriguing ‘quadripoint’ where Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe meet, these spots are perfect for a geography lover’s bucket list. The question is, can you tick them all off?!