Some of the Best Trails to Hit for an Amazing Wellness Walk

They say nature is the body’s best medicine. Whether you need healing or not, hikes or long walks through nature are a great way to find peace and clarity among the trees or wide-open spaces. Completing a long and challenging trail can be rewarding in many ways, from understanding and appreciating historic trails to a sense of confidence from completing a personal goal. For anyone planning to make such a journey, here are a few great trails that have much to offer:

Japan’s Pilgrim Trail

Japan’s Pilgrim Trail

For over a millennium, pilgrims have been trekking the sacred paths of Japan’s Kii Peninsula in search of spiritual wellness and renewal. Today, any adventure-seeking enthusiast can follow in their footsteps along the Kumano Kodō. This famous trail was conceived as a test for the body, spirit, and mind. Legends say that the Kii Peninsula was home to primal nature spirits. These trails were named a World Heritage site in 2004. There are seven Kumano trails to choose from, and most of them pass by some of the most sacred Japanese sites.

The Grand Descent

Taking walks through the Grand Canyon is no easy task. One of America’s greatest wonders, there is hardly another place on Earth as inviting to geologists as this famous canyon. With over a mile depth, the layers of rock, earth, fossils, and sediments can take scientists on a trip back in time. The amazing view of the canyon from above and a more intimate look at its trails and the nature thriving at the bottom are more than worth the trip for any ambitious hiker.

A Wellness Walk Through the Balkan Trail

A Wellness Walk Through the Balkan Trail

This 120-mile hiking trail passes through three nations and trekking it takes two weeks. To create the trail, its founders mapped the pathways known only to local shepherds. Many local farmers have opened guesthouses along the trail to take in hikers looking for shelter and a hot meal. The entire trail is painted with amazing sites, untamed nature, and fresh, crisp air. The welcoming shepherds and knowledgeable guides are always happy to share stories about the region and its history.

Champing is the Latest Holiday Trend

Who doesn’t love to spend a night under the starry sky, listening to the music of nature and gathering around the bonfire with your loved ones while talking about nothing and everything? Camping has been a popular adventurous activity among tourists and travelers worldwide. But what if you had the option to camp in a church? Sleeping under the beautiful structures and intricately carved arches is an experience that is privy only to the members of the clergy. But thanks to a new trend, you can do it too. The entire experience is known as champing. Interesting concept, right? Here come the deets.

Who Started This Trend?

The trend “Champing” or camping in a church was started and promoted by the Churches Conservation Trust. The trust works to preserve the historic and unique architectural landmarks in the form of these old churches.

Why Did the Churches Conservation Trust Start This Trend?

The Churches Conservation Trust started this trend to gain more funding to preserve more churches through the capital that Champing would bring in. The charity is trying to encourage the younger generation to visit churches, and due to the weekly service having been stopped in these churches, the trust is trying to open up new ways for collecting public donations.

How Is the Experience?

The church campers or the ‘champers’ describe the experience as a unique blend of culture, religion, and adventure. They say one might think it would be unsettling living in a church overnight, or even scary. But the truth is, it is rather satisfying. You are given an opportunity to live in these massive, beautifully crafted premises overnight and you are helping them preserve the old churches by doing that. The stay is comfortable with comfortable mattresses and blankets. The bonus is the beautiful view of the intricately carved ceilings and sculptures all around you.