Best Island Adventures Around Britain

A year-end trip should become a festival in itself seeing how it is always on everyone’s mind. There are too many things to explore and too little time. Britain is a great option to consider as it is a wonderful place to be, this time of the year. Imagine being surrounded by the snow as you hold your partner’s hand and take a stroll through an old English Garden or having a scrumptious English breakfast amidst the scenic views. There are many ways to explore this beautiful place and we are here to help you learn more about them! Here goes.

Visit the Watergate Bay

Take some time to travel to the Watergate Bay, filled with beautiful sea caves and beaches. You will find yourself delighted by the beauty of your magnetic surroundings once you’re here. You can take a walk through the three islands situated here. The distance you’ll cover is around 4.5 miles. While on your walk, you must explore Whipsiderry Beach, Black Humphrey Rock, and Zacry’s Islands.

Visit the St. Martin’s Observatory

Located in Scilly, this is the ideal place to spend your evenings or camp at night. With stunning blue waters surrounding the observatory and a clear sky beautifully showcasing the stars at night, this is the finest spot for stargazing. A very popular destination amongst some of the leading astronomers in the world, make sure you get your hands on this experience at least once!

Take a Walk to the Top

Visit the highest point of the island at Anglesey’s. Located on the Holy Island, this is where you will experience Britain at its best. It offers stunning views of the island and the valleys across the backdrop of clear blue ‘picture-perfect’ skies. So, let your worries melt away and embrace the gushing wind playing with your hair. Enjoy it and step into the new year feeling anew.

Meet the World’s First All-Female Cruise Ship Crew

When you think of captains at the helm of their ships, there’s a good chance that you immediately think of men. That’s because movies and television shows rarely show women in charge, and those who have been on cruises or private charters probably wouldn’t have come across a woman on the bridge. However, that’s now all changed, and it’s time to meet the world’s first-ever all-female cruise ship crew…

A Small Portion

One of the main reasons why we think of men at the top of the seaside food chain is because they normally are. Only 2% of the world’s mariners are women, and it’s a sector that has been dominated by men for much of history. This makes it incredibly difficult to come across a woman at the helm — but it seems as though Celebrity Cruises now want to give talented women their chance to shine.

Meet the World’s First All-Female Cruise Ship Crew

International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day 2020, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo wanted to celebrate the iconic event with a cruise that would change the course of history. As the president and CEO of Celebrity Cruises, Lisa is the first woman in the world to run a major cruise line, so she knows just what it takes to be successful as a female. She also knew that there were talented female mariners out there, and she wanted them to get on board with her plan.

Meet the World’s First All-Female Cruise Ship Crew

The All-Female Crew

As International Women’s Day came around, Lisa searched for the best female sailors that the world had to offer, and she invited them to create the world’s first all-female bridge and hotel officer team. She eventually found women from 16 countries who could sail on the Celebrity Edge cruise ship from Florida to Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands, and St. Maarten. As if that wasn’t enough, the whole ship crew was female!

Who said that cruise ships had to be male-dominated?