The Great American Rail-Trail: An Ambitious Biking Development

The Great American Rail-Trail is an ambitious biking development that is currently in the works. It stretches 3,700 miles from the East Coast to the West Coast. The trail spans across 12 states from Washington, DC to the Pacific Ocean in Seattle, Washington. It’s an idea that has been talked about for 50 years.

The Great American Rail-Trail PhotoA 30-year Journey to Determine the Route

The official route of the Rail-Trail was announced in May of 2019 by the RTC or Rails-to-Trails Conservancy which is a non-profit company in Washington DC that is leading the effort to develop the trail. It connects over 125 existing multi-use paths, trails, greenways, and towpaths. According to the vice president of communications for the RTC, Brandi Horton, the route took 30 years to plan.

The Great American Rail-Trail mini 3D modelMost of the trail is built either on top of or next to abandoned railway lines, which is where the trail gets its name from. The surfaces can range from smooth asphalt to crushed stone. It’s estimated to be completed entirely before 2040. By then, it’s estimated that 1 in 6 Americans will live within a 50-mile radius of the route.

The Rail-Trail Will Connect Past and Present

The Rail-Trail is a way for many communities to come together and reveal how the United States’ past connects to its present. Co-founder of the RTC, David Burwell, mentioned back in 2006 that he wants rail-trail to be America’s Main Street.

The official route for The Great American Rail-Trail.When people bike and hike across cities, towns, and most rural landscapes, it gives them a deep understanding of the local communities and their cultures. It also helps reveal some of the little-known histories that have been part of the country’s identity.

The Great American Rail-Trail is predicted to also help revitalize economies in many post-industrial towns across the US. In some parts of DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, more than 86% of the Rail-Trail route is open, while some western states still have some work to do.

Why More and More People Are Visiting Cap Ferret in France

France is filled with hidden wonders, but this stretch of land might be one of the best-hidden secrets the country has on offer. Here is why more and more people are visiting Cap Ferret in France.

The Peace And Quiet

One of the best things about Cap Ferret in France is the fact that it hasn’t been overdeveloped. You can forget about the huge hotel complexes and flashy sports cars. Here, it’s all about natural pine forests, stretching beaches, and a laid-back lifestyle that brings 11 small villages together.

The Markets

If you love wandering through the streets and taking in the local atmosphere, then Cap Ferret Market is the place to be. There is plenty of fresh food on offer from seafood to glistening fruits and vegetables. Did we forget all of the local cheeses? If that wasn’t enough, there is also a selection of clothing to help you blend into the local atmosphere.

The Restaurants

Being situated along the coastline means that Cap Ferret restaurants are filled with plenty of seafood dishes. The best part? Restaurants are often relaxed places that encourage everyone to have a good time – from celebrities to passing travelers.

The Beaches

The beaches at Cap Ferret are like no others in France. They are covered in glistening sand that opens up to stretches of calm water. Several beaches are also surrounded by famous pine forests that help create an atmosphere like no other. It can be easy to lose the entire day to some time under the sun with the lapping sea by your side.

There is so much to see and do in Cap Ferret in France. From the stretches of beaches to the atmosphere that has remained largely untouched by the rest of the world, there are so many reasons to explore France’s hidden beauty for yourself.