This New Luxury Cruise Sails Across 37 Countries With a 140-Day Itinerary

Around the World We Go!

Silversea has announced its remarkable 140-day world cruise, “The Curious and the Sea.” Set to embark in 2026, this unparalleled voyage promises an unforgettable exploration of 70 destinations across 37 countries, making it the most extensive and expensive itinerary offered by the luxury cruise line. From the enchanting Pacific Islands to the captivating Middle East and Mediterranean, this extraordinary journey is designed to ignite the curiosity and spirit of adventure in discerning travelers.

A Journey of Discovery

A Journey of Discovery

Embarking on January 6th, 2026, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the world cruise begins with a captivating coastal voyage through Central America, including a remarkable crossing of the Panama Canal. The itinerary then leads guests to South America, with notable destinations like Lima and Peru, before setting sail for an immersive 28-day exploration of the Pacific Islands.

Unveiling Hidden Gems

Continuing the adventure, the world cruise next takes its guests to New Zealand, offering a glimpse of its majestic landscapes. A captivating semi-circumnavigation of Australia follows, showcasing the diverse wonders of Tasmania, Western Australia’s stunning coast, and more. The ship then sets sail to Southeast Asia, where vibrant cultures and exotic destinations await, including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. The itinerary also includes multiple stops in Sri Lanka and India, revealing these nations’ rich history and cultural tapestry.

Beyond Boundaries

As the journey nears its conclusion, travelers will explore the Middle East, sailing through the iconic Suez Canal and exploring the captivating landscapes and ancient wonders of the Mediterranean region. With stops in North Africa, the cruise showcases the vibrant cultures and historic treasures of the region. The voyage concludes in Lisbon, Portugal.

An Unparalleled Experience

Guests will sail aboard Silversea’s luxurious Silver Dawn, a state-of-the-art ship offering exceptional comfort and elegant amenities. With eight dining options and the grand Otium spa, travelers will indulge in unparalleled luxury throughout the voyage. The all-inclusive experience includes business-class airfare, personalized butler service, laundry service, and Wi-Fi.