Expert’s Advice on How to Safely Take an Awesome Winter RV Trip

If 2020 saw the rise of one travel trend in particular, it was road trips. Given the worldwide health crisis, it quickly dawned on people that taking a road trip, especially in an RV or a camper van, was the safest way to travel. That trend is certainly being carried over into 2021 as well.

RV in winter backgroundAlthough many destinations remain closed, there is still so much you can explore in the region around you. The best part? Road trips aren’t just a summertime activity, but if you want to take your family and friends on a winter RV trip, you need to be prepared. Here is what Paige Bouma, an RV marketplace owner, has to say about planning the road trip.

Equip the RV for Winter Conditions

The most essential part of planning a winter road trip is to outfit your vehicle for the cold. You’ll need an RV skirt to provide a reliable insulating barrier, as well as space heaters, area rugs, and electric blankets to keep people warm inside. If you plan on hanging by the campfire outdoors, it’s a good idea to get fire-retardant blankets for extra safety.

Always Park In the Sun

RV parked on a sunny area, lake and mountain view upfront It may sound intuitive, but many travelers actually neglect the importance of parking in the sun to help keep their RV warm. Using every possible source to retain heat inside the vehicle in a winter road trip is vital. Much like you’d want to park in the shade in the summer, you’ll want that precious sunlight in the winter.

Some Lesser-Known Cold Weather Essentials

Campfire Aside from the obvious items like winter apparel, snow shovels, and vehicle accessories, there are some less popular essentials that many easily forget. For example, having a hairdryer can come in handy if you need to defrost your pipes. Bouma also advises travelers to bring extra firewood in case the campsite doesn’t have enough on hand. Always check the weather and whether the campsite is open before heading there!

Some of the Amazing Street Art of Banksy Can Now Be Seen Online

Although there are many virtual museum tours available on the Internet, there was no option for fans of street art – until now. The works of Banksy have finally been consolidated into a new virtual tour, so his fans can now experience his art without having to take a trip to Bristol.

The Art of Banksy Can Be Experienced Via a Virtual Tour

Some of the Amazing Street Art of Banksy Can Now Be Seen Online

Developer Cactus UK has prepared a virtual tour of the city of Bristol, which is well-known for its street art, and especially for the works of Banksy. The tour itself will be named The Banksy Bristol Trail and will be available for viewing through any smartphone or iPad. Enthusiasts can check out the tour using an app that can be downloaded for both Android and iOS users.

Of course, the tour takes viewers to see some of the best works Banksy has produced, including “Well Hung Over,” “Valentine’s Day,” and “The Mild Mild West.” Moreover, the tour gives details about the articles, works, and content from the Dismaland exhibit in Weston-Super-Mare and the artist’s Bristol Museum show.

The Bristol Museum Virtual Tour Reveals More of Banksy’s Art

 Bristol Museum - Bransky's Art
Some of the Amazing Street Art of Banksy Can Now Be Seen Online

Those who want to see even more from the work of Banksy can do so by getting on the virtual tour that the Bristol Museum has put forward. It houses the artist’s famous “Paintpot Angel” sculpture. Aside from Banksy, viewers can also access the work of many other artists displayed around the museum.

For those interested, Bristol has much more to offer when it comes to art and sights, and for people who are interested in these works, there are other virtual tours available. There is the tour of the SS Great Britain, which is one of the top attractions in Bristol, and the tour of the “We the Curious” exhibits, housed in the interactive science museum of the city.