This Sea-Doo Ride to Catalina Island in LA Offers Unparalleled Adventure Experience

Santa Catalina Island in California is a cheerful location. It’s home to a zip line course, water sports, campgrounds, quaint restaurants, shops, and beach clubs. You can travel to the island, located 22 miles from Long Beach, by ferry, boat, or helicopter. Or you can opt for a memorable journey, offered by an adventure company, which is more fun than the destination.

The Adventure Company

Uncharted Society is a two-year-old marketplace company that connects BRP vehicles like Can-Ams and Sea-Doos with tour operators. With this combined effort, the company creates transformative power-sport experiences at carefully selected iconic locations. They identify the local outfitters at each location, who can offer outstanding experiences to the tourists in that area. Currently, the company has more than 100 certified outfitters in five countries and 21 states, running adventure tours on water and land every season.

The Catalina Island Adventure

The Sea-Doo Adventure to Catalina by Uncharted Society is everything the company promises. The journey offers a thrilling Sea-Doo ride to the island off the coast of LA while racing wild dolphins along the way. The ride takes roughly two and a half hours. Increasing the thrill exponentially, there are a few stops to marvel at sea lions and dolphins, and also a cavern swim. Although adventure takes top priority here, all the experiences by Uncharted Society are designed to appeal to inexperienced novices and die-hard pros alike.

The Unforgettable Experience

The journey takes off at around eight a.m. from Long Beach. The guests are outfitted in wetsuits and paired with guides (those who need them) to start the ride on Sea-Doos. The party speeds off through the San Pedro Channel, where usually a pack of dolphins joins the journey by swimming right beside the Sea-Doos. It’s not an average tour with orderly speed limits, and the riders enjoy racing and splashing the dolphins. Before arriving at the quaint Two Harbors of Catalina Island, the party stops for a guided cave swim through the crystal clear waters at Blue Cavern Point. At Two Harbors, the beachfront deck of the Harbor Reef Restaurant welcomes the group with mahi-mahi sandwiches and other delightful treats, followed by ice creams. After lunch, the guests relax on the beach for a while before getting back to their Sea-Doos. On the return journey, the sky turns deep blue like the ocean below and the water gets choppier, but the heart becomes full like never before.

5 of Europe’s Most Beautiful Countries

Europe is filled with magic and wonder tanks to breathtaking scenery and a rich history. There are plenty of reasons to visit the region. If you’re planning your next trip, then here are five of Europe’s most beautiful countries that are all waiting to be explored.


National parks? UNESCO sites? Slovakia has it all! If you’re up for a climb, then exploring the mountains and hills will offer up the perfect views. Don’t forget to take in some of the local eateries and castles to experience everything on offer.


Whether you like long walks through the woods or golden beaches, Latvia has something for everyone. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most beautiful countries in Europe as Latvia has plenty of waterfalls and untouched landscapes that make it perfect for anyone looking for a vacation with a view.


It’s hard to ignore the lake surrounded by greenery that covers every aspect of Slovenia. You can hike through the Alps for a new experience or spend your time taking part in the various water sports on offer.


Mainland Estonia is perfect for a summer trip to the beach while the island hopping lets you experience the culture and history. It’s one of Europe’s most beautiful countries, all thanks to the small communities that make up each area of the nation. Team them with the landscape, and you’re onto a winner.


Austria is typically associated with skiing, but it’s one of Europe’s most beautiful countries in the summer. Once the snow melts, the land is left with rolling hills and wildflowers. As well as many Alpine villages dotted throughout the mountains, there are also several outdoor sports to enjoy on a trip to Austria.

Five of Europe’s most beautiful countries sure do help solidify the fairytale-esque atmosphere that the region has created over the years.