Top Greek Islands That Aren’t Santorini

When you think of luxury Greek islands, the chances are that your mind drifts to Santorini. However, there are plenty of other hidden wonders across the nation that are all waiting to be explored. These are the top Greek islands that aren’t Santorini.


The beaches here are framed by impressive cliffs. Perhaps it’s no wonder that so many people come to Lefkada to sail on the water and go surfing? Believe it or not, but this is just one of the breathtaking Greek islands on offer.


If you want sophistication and seclusion, meet Paxos. This Greek island doesn’t come with glitzy hotels or sandy beaches, but it does have thriving harbor towns and plenty of views of the glistening sea.


Milos has one of the most dramatic coastlines of all the Greek islands. Milos is still relatively unknown, and people want to keep it that way. Thankfully, the 70 plus beaches means there is room for everyone.


If you want to disappear, you might want to check out Amorgos. The local population is outnumbered by the vast number of goats on the island. At the same time, the open spaces and crystal clear sea leave plenty of time for reflection.


Corfu is a Greek island that comes packed with history, culture, and beautiful landscapes. The south of the island is filled with parties, while the north of the island has been left undisturbed – perfect for anyone looking to take it all in at their own pace.


Stepping onto Rhodes is like taking a leap back in time in all the right ways. This Greek island is filled with high-class hotels and golden sand beaches. Team these with ancient ruins, and you’re in for quite the experience.

When it comes to top Greek islands, you don’t have to head to Santorini to take in the breathtaking atmosphere and culture on offer.