Trip Stacking Is Catching on

There was a time when people would plan trips one at a time, but things have changed drastically since the pandemic. More and more people are booking their trips in twos and threes as backups. This new tends is on the rise and has been titled ‘trip stacking.’ Wondering what it is all about? Read on to find out. For all you know, you could be part of this trend too.

What Is Trip Stacking

This trend involves people booking more aggressively. For instance, if you book a trip for a cruise experience then you may also book another one as a backup to another country. You can then end up going on a trip that may not be canceled considering the current game of life and the travel rules constantly changing. So, travelers plan multiple trips at a time and pick the one that suits them best, based on the current climate and postpone the others.

When Did it Begin

It is not a very new trend. Trip stacking began somewhere from May to June, once the vaccinations began rolling out in Europe and the US. The trend spiked further when the new Covid-19 variant started disrupting travel plans. People, who had waited for months to go traveling, had to cancel their plans. By the time it was August, over 50% of Americans had either canceled or had changed their plans to travel.

Who Benefits From This Trend

Trip stacking is a boon for some and bane for others. When travelers book more trips, travel agencies end up earning more money. However, tour companies, cruise lines, and hotels may not benefit much from it when travelers cancel. There are other pitfalls to consider. For instance, when a traveler books a flight ticket they do not intend to take, the airline will hike up the prices for others as the seats fill up. However, many believe that this trend will fade once the pandemic comes to an end.

3 Amazing Hacks on Traveling From a Frequent Traveller

If you love to travel and plan on getting on the road as soon as the pandemic ends – then you want to make sure you are doing it right! And who better to learn it from than the global trotters who have miles of experience logged in in their cards. From time-saving tips to high-end life hacks and more, some distinguished travelers share their traveling tips – and if you wish to get the best out of your travel experience, then we suggest you start taking down notes!

Max Buesser of Maximilian Buesser, and Friends (MB&F), is one such bonafide travel junkie who has shared some of his traveling hacks. Here are 3 of his travel hacks.

You Can Save on Hotel Rooms

You don’t always have to book a hotel room – this is especially true if you are traveling for business. Many high-level executives follow the concept of day in and out. That is, they take a flight in the morning – get done with their business in the city ( they usually schedule 2-3 meetings in one day), and take the flight out at the end of the day. This helps to save on hotel room, and you can get back to work the next day.

Sometimes Splurging on Luxury Hotel Rooms Can Give You Unexpected Benefits.

Spending on luxury hotel rooms can sometimes give you a VIP treatment that goes beyond the room. You can have experiences that you might have otherwise missed. For example: if you book your room at Amansara in Siem Reap – then you can visit Angkor Wat at 5 AM and enjoy a beautiful sunrise view with picnic baskets – this place is accessible to the general public only after 9 PM. You can enjoy almost 4 hours of solitude at one of the most iconic places.

Forget Sleeping Pills; Try Celestamine Instead

Celestamine is a French antihistamine pill. While waking up after sleeping pills make you dizzy – these tablets will leave you feeling fresh. Max, who suffers from a chronic sinus infection – consumes them whenever he travels, and it leaves him feeling fresh the next day.