A White Water Adrenaline Rush!

Outdoor lovers with a penchant for white water rafting, rejoice! America’s Newest National park, New River Gorge National Park and Preserve makes one of the best choices for a fun-filled family vacation coupled with some adrenaline-boosting activities. Conveniently located in Southern West Virginia, New River Gorge is driving distance for a sizeable chunk of the U.S. population. Once there, it’s a great idea to a resort (like Adventures on the Gorge) to your base camp and chooses a good outfitter to guide you through your adventure itinerary.

Swerving Through the Scenic Gorge

The gorgeous river, one of the oldest in the world offers more than a few delights. Winding from South to North, it drifts through Appalachian terrains, lush forests, and carved canyons, 1,600 ft deep in some places. Outfitters at the park offer several packages of adventure activities to suit your group’s needs. For a full-day fun trip pacing the rapids, the Gorge’s “Lower New River Gorge” excursion is a marvelous option. It covers rapids classified as 25 Class II to IV and makes for an adrenaline-fueled ride, but also leaves room for relaxation as you float through mild-warm waters, swim through gentler portions of the river, and unpack your picnic lunch on the shore.

A Raw & Real Experience

Holding yourself together through rapids with rather apt names like “Double Z” and “Scramble Like A Rat” can be a challenge, and be sure to get drenched. But as your bodies bounce as your little boat flies over the rapids, be sure to have huge smiles plastered on your faces! You can couple your rafting experience with a host of other adventure activities – hiking, mountain biking, zip-lining, paintball, laser tag, horseback riding, and clay shooting.

One thing we’re sure of, a visit to New River Gorge will have you hooked for more. NO one can escape the raw, wild beauty of a river carving her way through gorges!

Vegan Hamburgers Debut in Buenos Aires’ Fast-Food Chain!

It’s the era of veganism and plant protein! Why, you ask? Being a vegan is also good for the planet. Some even say that vegan diets can be beneficial for your health. It is said to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, and also reduces the chances of heart problems. Several people have been actively promoting this lifestyle. The newest frontier to fall to veganism is Argentina, where the Mostaza burger chain has introduced its “Mega NotBurger” in Buenos Aires, in alliance with Notco, an Argentinian Unicorn, which focuses on plant-based proteins.

Argentina Says Yes to Veganism

This vegan burger is being welcomed by the Argentinians in Buenos Aires, where veganism is steadily growing. A recent market survey indicated that a whopping 12% of the country was already vegan (according to Kantar Worldpanel). Another survey conducted by Ingredion and consultants Opinaia pointed that 78% of the traditional meat and beef-eating population were open to increasing their consumption of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. We wonder how they are getting the kids to eat these veggies without them throwing a fuss.

Burger King Takes the First Step

World over too, veganism seems to be catching on. You may have come across several vegan activists on social media talking about the importance of turning vegan at some point in time. Anyway, the fast-food chain Burger King was the first to introduce their line of 100% vegan food in Europe, which was later introduced in several Latin American countries as well!

For the Sake of the Planet

In the age of climate change and animal rights, veganism is becoming a global mantra. And with the sumptuous “Mega NotBurger” getting rave reviews, there’s nothing much to complain about! Can you imagine giving up on meat and turning into a vegan too? It might not be a bad idea after all.