It Is Always Halloween at This Particular Hotel in New York

The spooky season is here and hotels in the country are decked with Halloween décor. However, can you imagine if they remained that way all year? You do not have to imagine because The Roxbury at Stratton Falls is one such hotel that is always in its Halloween decor. It is one of the additions to The Roxbury Motel located in New York, Catskills. There are several rooms that also have this theme all year round. The suites are themed and are named Tower Cottages. These were built back in 2014. Their décor ranges from a fairytale to a villainous scene.

Enthusiastic Guests

The owner of the place Gregory Henderson spoke to Travel + Leisure and said that the property was meant for the true fans of Halloween. At this hotel, guests are encouraged to wear costumes every day. The heartening thing is that every person who visits the hotel dresses up in costumes voluntarily and makes the most of the entire Halloween theme.

Themed Cottages

The Tower Cottages offer a great individual experience. The place has a grand spiraling staircase and two bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The kitchen is fully equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, and bar sink. The common areas include sleeper sofas. These arrangements are perfect for about six guests per cottage. In addition, every cottage has screened-in porches enabling a view of Catskills’ scenery. Now, wouldn’t that be a wonderful view! However, bookings during Halloween increase because people want to stay in Dracula-inspired rooms.

More Themes

In contrast to everything scary, the hotel also has created a cottage with Cinderella’s Gown theme. It has a huge pumpkin that has been transformed into their golden-carriage-inspired bathroom as well as a ball gown that is 18-foot long for the bedroom canopy. The other guests include nostalgia scenes from The Flintstones, Bewitched, I Dream of Genie, The Partridge Family, and Gilligan’s Island. The newest addition is the Game of Thrones theme

The Most Beautiful Santorini Beaches To Visit

The Greek island of Santorini is famous for its breathtaking scenery, boosted by the renowned blue and white houses. However, taking a trip to some of the most beautiful beaches across Santorini could give you a new appreciation of the beauty this island has to offer.

The Most Beautiful Santorini Beaches To Visit

Agios Nikolaos

You will have to climb down at least 250 steps, but the views are worth it as you will be greeted by one of the most beautiful beaches across Santorini. Don’t forget to stop off for some famous seafood after exploring the floating chapel and rock diving.

The Most Beautiful Santorini Beaches To Visit


Even though it’s located in a pin-up village, Katharos is a secret gem that’s rarely busy. This is one of the best beaches in Santorini for watching the sunset. You can even take it in from the lounge suspended on the cliff above the pebbles.

The Most Beautiful Santorini Beaches To Visit

Mesa Pigadia

Mesa Pigadia is one of Santorini’s more picturesque beaches thanks to the brightly colored fishermen’s shacks. The beach is also an excellent place for snorkeling thanks to the clarity of the water. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not explore a local sea cave?

The Most Beautiful Santorini Beaches To Visit


Koloumbos is one of the best beaches across Santorini for swimming. It’s rarely crowded, meaning you’ll have all the room in the world to enjoy the black pebble beach. There are also plenty of local vineyards, meaning the drinks are never far away.

The Most Beautiful Santorini Beaches To Visit


The entire beach of Vlychada is walled by pumice cliffs. These help frame the white and speckled gray pebbles that create the perfect atmosphere to take in the sea and sun. The best bit? The beach is dotted with just about anything for anyone, including one of the finest fish restaurants on Santorini.

The most beautiful beaches across Santorini all bring something new to the table. Breathtaking backdrops, sunsets, and clear blue sea. Does it get any better?