Take a Scenic Trip to Colorado’s Wildflower Capital This Summer

Take a Scenic Trip to Colorado’s Wildflower Capital This Summer

The quaint Colorado town of Crested Butte, or C.B., has been witnessing a flock of winter sports enthusiasts throughout the season. Recently ranked the second ‘Snowiest Small Town in America,’ the place has attracted vacationists from across the nation for being a top-notch skiing destination. And as the snow starts melting, the vast valley gets ready for another striking natural phenomenon. After the thick blanket of snow vanishes each year, the meadow gets decked in bright shades of colors with blooming flowers.

The ‘Flowering’ Phenomenon

Take a Scenic Trip to Colorado’s Wildflower Capital This Summer

Nestled in the Elk Mountains, the charming town of C.B. delivers a spectacular display of colorful blooming flowers during spring and summer each year. This natural phenomenon has aptly given the town the name ‘the wildflower capital of Colorado.’ The town is surrounded by a vast valley bordering several mountain ranges like the San Juan Mountains, the Maroon Bells, etc. While these mountains give the town its best-in-class skiable plateau each winter, they also help create fertile soil when the snow melts. Add in the favorable climate, and the vast meadow comes alive with vibrant pops of color once the flowers start to thrive after winter. Lupines, glacier lilies, and numerous sunflower varieties are just a few out of the 1500 species of wildflowers that grow here.

The Best Time to Visit

Dr. David W. Inouye of the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL) is a principal investigator at the institute and observes the blooming cycle each year. As Inouye explains, the starting of the flowering season depends upon the amount of winter snowpack. But generally, mid-June to late July is the peak flowering season in C.B. Around the second and third week of July, midseason flowers start to bloom, and the greatest abundance of blooming wildflowers can be witnessed during this time. With a mountainside covered with flowers of various colors and types, it’s a phenomenal scene indeed!

You Could Buy an Entire Swedish Spa Village for Just $7 Million

Whether you’re a fan of Schitt’s Creek and want to create your own Rosebud Motel, or whether you’re just looking for something new to add to your property portfolio, then this could be the ideal opportunity. After all, who doesn’t want to own their own spa village? If you have $7 million lying around, this entire Swedish town could be yours – and that would be pretty awesome.

Some Spare Cash

While it’s fair to say that there’s only a small portion of people out there who have an extra $7 million in their pockets, these people will be pretty happy to know that there are so many ways to invest your money. However, buying houses is so last year, because 2020 is all about buying your own entire village.

Countless Amenities

Sätra Brunn is located just 90 minutes north of Stockholm, and there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s absolutely stunning. This village spans across a whopping 62-acres and features over 70 buildings, including schools, a church, hotel, restaurant, cafe, and so much more – but the perks don’t end there. Because of the natural springs that run through this village, it’s also the ultimate spa village.

Banding Together

From the early 1990s until now, the village has been owned by a group of 15 locals who didn’t want to see their home become a dumping ground. They have maintained the whole village over the years, but now they are getting older, they are looking to sell it on to the right owner. The price stands at $7 million, and this would be a great investment for anyone looking to experience something new. Not only would you get to live there, but you’d also get to ensure that this piece of history remains in place for centuries to come.

So, have you ever thought of buying your own village? It could all be yours if you want it.