Is Flying First Class Really Worth the Extra Money?

If you have ever taken a flight before, you have surely been jealous of the first-class flyers. How amazing they look sitting in their big Barcalounger-looking chairs, sipping complimentary drinks and snuggling under their blankets. One look at them, and it feels like this is how traveling should look – luxurious and comfortable! But are all the extra-leg space and over-the-top services worth spending more money on? Let’s find out…

Perks of Flying First Class

First-class passengers are obviously given special treatment on the flight. They are also showered with tons of benefits before boarding the plane. For starters, no waiting in long queues to check in or going through security checks. They are allowed to board the aircraft first. They get free checked bags and enjoy the airport lounge area for first-class flyers. Then, on the flight comes the extra legroom, wider seats, exaggerated recliners, blankets and pillows, a toiletry kit, better food – including complimentary beverages – and some airlines even offer pick-ups and drop-offs from the airport. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect traveling dream one must experience once in their life?

Some of the Best First Class Experiences

One of the top first-class experiences in the world is with Etihad. Etihad offers a personal chauffeur that drives you to the airport, priority check-ins, a luxurious first-class lounge, and spa access. You travel in your private suite, including large armchairs, a real bed, a shower, extensive food and drinks menu, and a personal chef preparing fresh meals whenever you’d like. Another is Emirates, which offers the same experience as Etihad, with an additional onboard lounge providing drinks and canapés. United and American Airlines score the highest on a US flight, with priority access in queues, up to three free checked bags, depending on the flight, wider reclining seats, and extra snacks and beverages.

Is it Worth It?

Many airlines today offer business-class seats with benefits similar to first-class at lower prices. It is suggested that business class serves better for long-haul international flights. You’ll have bigger seats converting into beds, freshly prepared food and luxuries, and seats with doors turning them into a private suite. Several airlines also offer on-board lounge bars for business class passengers. First-class lounges are undoubtedly more exclusive, with extensive food and beverage selections, private showers, and more. Nonetheless, you are given enough niceties in business class too, like sleep masks, skin care products, and toiletries, to pamper yourself before landing at your destination. It may not sound better than a hot shower, but it definitely feels elite with less money. Moreover, airlines like Delta Airlines offer a premium economy category, which falls between economy and business and first class, providing extra leg space, better meals, and increased bag allowances.

Bottom Line

Flying first class would be a fantastic experience, especially if you travel internationally. However, it could be too much on your wallet, so start saving up, consider using points and miles, and book a dreamy privileged flight adventure.