3 Gorgeous Colorado Holiday Lights You Must See

The holiday season last year felt like you were in another, more boring world – some sort of alternative universe. However, this year, there may be a few changes. People have come out of their homes since the vaccination drives and found their holiday spirit. There is no shortage of holiday lighting, tree lightings, and parades. Most of them are outdoors and also family-friendly. However, if you plan on visiting any of those mentioned before, remember to bring masks so you can be safe. So, take a look at some of Denver’s beautiful displays that is sure to cheer you up.

Denver Union Station’s Grand Illumination

The Union Station in Downtown Denver is again the cynosure of Grand Illumination in the city. Santa made an appearance and people could visit him for no charge. There was also a pop-up Miracle Bar and Denver Dolls singing the holiday classics. But the star was the lighting at the Union Station with a tree that has 7,000-lights and is 40 feet tall. While the event is free, paid packages are also available.

Elitch Gardens’ Luminova

This historic garden has woken up the holiday spirit with Luminova, which is a big-budget spectacular display featuring a Christmas tree that is 65 feet tall and over 3 million lights. It also includes a snowman that is 25 feet tall (don’t worry, it won’t melt), giant ornaments, a candy cane-themed tunnel that is 200 feet long, train rides, more lights, Santa, and a few of his elves, and more. Your children are surely going to love it.

Blossoms of Light at Denver Botanical Gardens

This one is new and probably one of the most exciting ones yet. Near the entrance of O’Fallon Perennial Walk is a tunnel illuminated with lights that are 17 feet tall and 200 feet long. It is a gorgeous view. And, guess what? The stroll is Instagram-friendly. Food and drinks are available too but you may have to book your tickets in advance. You will not get them on site.

Why Everyone Needs to Visit St Barth’s in the Caribbean

St Barth’s was battered by Hurricane Irma in 2017, but this island has come back stronger and better than ever. Just days after the storm passed, people were out rebuilding their torn buildings on the island. Here’s why everyone needs to visit St Barth’s in the Caribbean to see the wonders for yourself.

The Choice Of Accommodation

There are plenty of places to stay on your trip to St Barth’s. Of course, there are a selection of beach hotels that open their doors onto the surrounding landscape. There are also plenty of private villas set in hotel grounds that offer up a bit more privacy and luxury.

The Locals

Walking around St Barth’s can make it feel as though you’ve fallen into another land. Everyone always seems to be so full of the joys of life. The best bit? If you get to know the hotspots, then you might see some of the local celebrities. It turns out that many like to use the island’s port as a chance to dock their superyachts.

The Beaches

There are 16 beaches spread across St Barths, and each comes with its own style. They do all have one thing in common: they are free from restaurants and bars. Some are only accessible by boat, while others require a hike. Thankfully, each beach in St Barth is worth the trip.

The Day-To-Night Shift

By day, St Barth’s is relaxed. By night? It’s a party palace that’s filled with some of the most delicious food on the planet. Restaurant owners love to make patrons feel like a part of the family. That’s all before bars whisk you off to secret dance rooms and host parties that last until the sun comes up.

St Barth’s is a hidden Caribbean gem that’s sure to make vacation memories that will last a lifetime.