This Island Beach Is Named the Best in the Entire Caribbean

Check Out This Beautiful Paradise

The Caribbean is a paradise for all the beach lovers around the world. The region is drenched in welcoming sunshine throughout the year and boasts above 7000 picturesque islands featuring stunning stretches of various sandy beaches. But what is the one island that is the best of all? Making your task easier, the reviewers of Tripadvisor have chosen the serene Eagle Beach on the Dutch island of Aruba as the best beach in the entire Caribbean.

The Beach

The Beach

Located on the west coast of Aruba Island, the crowning jewel of the beach boasts a pristine powdery white sandy stretch. Eagle Beach attracts locals and visitors alike with its natural beauty, idyllic charm, and lively dining scene. The widest on the island, the palm-fringed beach is truly a tranquil sanctuary. This Caribbean beach is well-known for its low-rise all-inclusive resorts, varying from upscale family-friendly properties to luxury adult-only stays. If you plan to drive here just for the day, there are plenty of free parking spots. Arguably, the most photographed landmark of the beach is a pair of ‘fofoti trees.’ These low-branched mangrove shrubs create a striking contrast in the middle of the white sand with their multiple twisted trunks and lush evergreen crowning leaves stretching toward the water.

The Activities

Though the island of Aruba is famous for being windy, the turquoise water at Eagle Beach is surprisingly calm without rocks or seaweed, making it perfect for swimming and other water activities. The absence of any coral formation or reef is substituted by an abundance of crabs and colorful fishes. This Caribbean beach is also famous for being a yearly hatching and nesting spot for four protected sea turtle species. So, if you go there between March and September, you’ll find small cordoned-off areas on the beach marking a nest. Also, during the hatching time, don’t forget to keep your camera ready to capture dozens of baby sea turtles emerging from the sand.