A Kayak Tour Through an Abandoned Mine in Kentucky Leads to an Underground Waterfall

Kentucky may be famous for its bluegrass music and derby, but it has much more to offer. In particular, this underground kayak tour experience is a must for all adventure lovers. Herein, traveling through an abandoned mine will lead you right to a beautiful waterfall.

SUP Kentucky, a Tour Company

SUP Kentucky, a paddleboard tour company in Rogers, founded in 2016, offers its guests a once-in-a-lifetime paddleboarding experience. They take guests paddleboarding in the Red River Gorge through abandoned tunnels and mines. Heather Warman, co-owner of SUP Kentucky, revealed that she discovered the limestone mine one day and was shocked to see a five-mile-long tunnel and an underground aquifer in it. Her company offers different kayak tours: one could either go for a clear-bottom kayak or choose a multicolored LED light paddleboard. The place even has gift shops for guests who want to get souvenirs. One can even get a floating phone cover, neoprene socks, and gloves to rent, or sweatshirts to keep up with the temperature. The ticket cost for adults from ages 13 and above is $75 between Sunday to Friday and on Saturdays, the price is $80. The tour starts at 10 am on weekdays and 9 am on weekends.

The Limestone Mine

The limestone mine was started in the 1800s as a surface mine and was later converted into an underground mine by the workers using dynamite. Later, in the 1980s, they discovered the aquifer, and it became more beautiful than ever. It was shut down for a long time until the tour company started its underwater sports business. The tunnel is around 60 feet wide and 30 feet deep. The unique feature of this mine is that it has a natural purifier which always keeps the water clean and clear, unlike the other water bodies in Kentucky. The temperature is usually around 50 degrees in every season, so one is advised to wear light layers.