Everything You Need to Know About Morgan’s Wonderland Theme Park

Theme Park

Located in San Antonio, Texas, Morgan’s Wonderland is an innovative and inclusive theme park founded by Gordon Hartman. Inspired by his daughter Morgan’s special needs and the social interaction challenges she faced during her childhood, Hartman embarked on a mission to develop a unique theme park that would cater to individuals of all abilities. By establishing the Gordon Hartman Family Foundation and spearheading Morgan’s Inclusion Initiative, he brought his vision to life. With its mission rooted in inclusion, the park has become a haven for people with disabilities and their families, caregivers, and friends.

A Haven for Inclusion

A Haven for Inclusion

Morgan’s Wonderland strives to create a non-judgmental and inclusive environment, welcoming guests from across the country and around the world. With over two million visitors since its opening in 2010, the theme park has garnered global recognition for its dedication to the special needs community. Upon entering the park, visitors are greeted by the magnificent Taking Flight sculpture, symbolizing the park’s commitment to the cause.

Ultra-Accessibility and Attractions

Spanning 25 acres, Morgan’s Wonderland is a completely wheelchair-accessible theme park. It offers a wide range of attractions and experiences designed to ensure that no family member misses out on the fun. The park features the Wonderland Express train wrapping around a scenic lake, the Whirling Wonder Ferris wheel with panoramic views, and a colorful carousel equipped with wheelchair-accessible seats. Additionally, visitors can explore the shaded playgrounds of Picnic Place and engage in imaginative play at the Sensory Village.

Education and Outreach

In addition to its recreational offerings, Morgan’s Wonderland strongly emphasizes educational outreach. The theme park hosts inclusive performing arts programs and community-based instruction for elementary school students, providing opportunities for learning and growth. This pioneering theme park not only provides a safe and enjoyable experience for individuals with disabilities but also fosters a sense of togetherness among people of all abilities. Morgan’s Wonderland continues to inspire and set an example for accessible entertainment worldwide.

A True Paradise on Earth: 3 Things to Do in Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii
Welcome to Kauai, Hawaii

Home to what can only be described as heaven on Earth, Kauai is where golden sands kiss deep blue Pacific waters and thunderous topography. If you’re planning a trip to one of Hawaii’s crown jewels, here are a couple of must-haves on your itinerary!

1. Start With the Golden Beaches of the South Shore

Although Kauai is a small island, it is divided into several distinct regions due to its landscape. Make your way to the South Shore, the heart of the island’s vacation scene.

The South Shore, Kauai
1. Start With the Golden Beaches of the South Shore

If you’re into luxury, food adventures, unrealistically beautiful beaches, and supreme comfort, this is your spot. Grab a bite at Makai Sushi Bar, Plantation Gardens, or The Beach House for a mouthwatering experience.

2. Explore Kauai’s West — the Grand Canyon of the Pacific

Now that you’ve experienced the lush, it’s time to go on an adventure around Kauai’s rugged West. Home to the notoriously monstrous Waimea Canyon, this part of the island will take your breath away. Waimea Canyon is a 3,600-foot-deep natural wonder that makes for an awe-striking view.

Waimea Canyon, Kauai
2. Explore Kauai’s West — the Grand Canyon of the Pacific

Picture a dramatic landscape with red volcanic dirt, high waterfalls, and vibrant green hues. You won’t believe your eyes, and if the scenery looks rather familiar to you, it’s because many Hollywood directors have consistently been using it as the backdrop of their blockbusters. While you’re there, be sure to book an ATV tour as well!

3. Cruise Alongside Wild Whales and Dolphins

You can’t go to Kauai and not explore the gorgeous marine life. The island’s iconic Napali Coast is best experienced either by sea or air. Hop on a boat ride to get an in-depth tour of the coast and see the abundance of marine life up close while cruising alongside hammerhead sharks, pods of wild dolphins, and the otherworldly Humpback whales.

Napali Coast, Kauai
3. Cruise Alongside Wild Whales and Dolphins

If you’re into air adventures, you’ll love the doors-off helicopter rides that give you an eagle eye’s view of the oddly peaceful and impossibly beautiful Napali Coast.