America’s Tallest Underground Cave Waterfall Is Ruby Falls

If you think nature is always open and visible to the naked eye, you probably haven’t visited Ruby Falls yet. Ruby Falls is the country’s tallest and deepest underground waterfall, around 1,120 feet under the surface, and has been open to public viewing since 1929. This historical and astonishing natural waterfall is inside another landmark, the Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Journey to Ruby Falls

The exquisite journey starts from a glass-front elevator that descends 260 feet into the heart of the cavern. Visitors can explore ancient formations, stalactites, stalagmites, and the spectacular waterfall from here. The famous monument entertains more than half a million guests every year, as the waterfall offers various tours to ensure you leave with a memorable visit to Ruby Falls. The famous Cave Walk, which costs $25, offers a fast-paced experience from the ancient cave to the 145-foot-tall waterfall. You can learn the cave’s history with pre-recorded audio that covers it beautifully while you take a stroll, and you get to enjoy the stunning waterfall light show afterward.

Different Tours Available to Explore

The Gentle Walking Tour costs $40, starts early in the morning, and allows you to take the journey slower, letting you soak in each ounce of the cave with early access to enjoy the waterfall. You’ll also be offered in-depth historical and geographical knowledge of the place to understand its significance more. The Lantern Tour costs $40 and starts later in the evening, allowing travelers to appreciate the waterfall in different lighting. The cavern stays lit with viewers’ lanterns and some well-organized lights to give away this thrilling look of the waterfall. Explorers can also schedule a private tour by booking an appointment online. There is always something new to discover at this magnificent place, so check the available tours, book your tickets, and prepare yourself for this oh-so-amazing experience.