Hang out With Animals at the Virtual Zoo While Staying Indoors

To provide quality entertainment for those spending (LOTS of) time indoors at home, many museums and other cultural institutions have made virtual tours of their facilities available for free viewing online.

For all the animal-lovers or parents of them out there that miss going to the zoo, this one’s for you! Many different zoos have started making live streams available as well! This is a great way to “go out” and have fun without actually stepping outside.

The Benefits of Cute Animal Live Streams

For everyone spending a lot of time inside and working from home, live streams of cute animals might be just the right thing to provide a bit of distraction and enjoyment. According to research done by psychology students at Hiroshima University in Japan in 2012, taking breaks to look at images of cute animals can improve people’s work performance and enhance their focus on details. Besides enhancing work performance, it’s known that images of adorable animals also help relieve stress and relax. That’s why these live streams are such a great option.

Live Stream From the Zoo

There are numerous zoos that have set up live-streaming cameras in certain areas of their enclosures. For those who love aquatic life, the Georgia Aquarium offers a live stream of their Beluga whales that are known as the friendliest whales in the ocean. A live stream is also offered by the Monterey Aquarium that includes the coral reef, sharks, penguins, and a jelly cam. Another great option is the Atlanta Zoo panda cam. Pandas and their adorable antics are always fun to watch. Pandas can also be seen in the San Diego Zoo cameras, along with apes, elephants, koalas, and more. If anyone is interested in seeing giraffes, a rhino yard, and gorilla habitats, the Houston Zoo’s live stream is available at any time!

Taking a few moments to enjoy these live streams can certainly help shake away the monotony and recharge our batteries, so be sure to look up your favorite zoological parks and check out their live cams!

The Best Things To See In Chamarel, Mauritius

Several places around the world make us stop and wonder about how something can be so beautiful. Chamarel is no exception. It could be time to check out the best things to see in Chamarel, Mauritius, as you plan your next vacation. 

The Best Things To See In Chamarel, Mauritius

Chamarel Waterfall

Suppose you want to visit the highest one-drop waterfall across Mauritius? In that case, it could be time to add Chamarel Waterfall to your list. The area is surrounded by lush greenery that really helps the waterfall pop out in photos.

The Rhumerie De Chamarel

The Rhumerie de Chamarel is a great way to learn all about the history of Mauritius – and is found right in Chamarel. You can taste all kinds of drinks before buying some to take home as a way to remember the trip of a lifetime.

The Best Things To See In Chamarel, Mauritius

Ebony Forest

Mauritius is filled with all kinds of unique flora and fauna. There are several ways to enjoy Ebony Forest, including an eco-tour called Plant a Tree. As you guessed, you can plant a native tree while learning all about the area.

Black River Gorges National Park

If you love hiking and wildlife, why not head to Black River Gorges National Park? It offers up all kinds of scenic views of Chamarel that you might not get to appreciate without a visit to the park. Just remember to bring some comfortable walking shoes.

The Best Things To See In Chamarel, Mauritius

Seven Colored Earth In Chamarel

Believe it or not, but no one knows why the Seven Colored Earth is colored the way it is. All we do know is it looks absolutely breathtaking in every light and is a must-visit for anyone visiting Chamarel.

The best things to see in Chamarel in Mauritius lets us enjoy everything the area has on offer. Why visit somewhere without seeing the best of the best? Your itinerary list might have just got a lot longer as a result.