Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day With Virtual Tours of Ireland & the Guinness Factory

Staying indoors on a holiday that’s typically marked by having a fun day out with friends and family certainly doesn’t sound easy or fun. But luckily, there are many ways to enjoy and celebrate this holiday indoors as well!

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of museums, national parks, and other tourist destinations, it’s possible to take virtual tours that can provide entertainment and let us see something new and beautiful from the comfort of our homes. If anyone’s interested in seeing some of the wonders of Ireland, several options are just a click away!

Excellent Virtual Tours for St. Patrick’s Day

The Guinness Storehouse virtual tour may be one of the most fitting options for this iconic holiday. Guinness is one of the most famous Irish beers in the world, and for many beer lovers out there, a virtual tour of their storehouse in Dublin can be a real treat. The brewery tour is readily available for viewing on YouTube. Another great option is a tour of the Jamesson distillery located in Midleton.

Must-See Tours for Any Occasion

When looking for something to do on this year’s St. Patrick’s Day or on any other day, virtual tours of Ireland are a fun treat. For the book-lovers out there, a virtual tour of the Long Room at the Library of Trinity College in Dublin is always a great choice. The library is well known for its impressive collection, amazing architecture, and possesses some of the world’s oldest books. Many museums, castles, and historical sites have online virtual tours available as well.

For those that prefer to look at the grandeur and majesty of nature, there are amazing virtual tours of the Cliffs of Moher, the Irish National Heritage Park, and even charming towns and villages such as Downpatrick, Cookstown, and many others. Most of these options are available and free to view on YouTube, Virtual Visit Tours, and similar platforms!

Besties That Travel: An Agency Based on Friendship & Adventure

Besties That Travel: An Agency Based on Friendship & AdventureFriends that travel will stay friends forever, and no one knows better than Gabrielle Profit and Katrina Craft Trifilo. The fun duo and long-time friends who love exploring and traveling decided to merge their skills and passion for adventure and start a full-service travel agency – Besties That Travel.

Besties That Travel Was Intended to be a Travel Blog

Trifilo remembers that initially, the idea behind Besties that Travel was to be presented as a travel blog during their 2020 trip to Destin. However, due to the pandemic and freeze on travel, the two besties decided to post about all previous travels and share their experience publicly, so they started getting inquiries from people asking for advice.

Gabrielle Profit and Katrina Craft TrifiloAfter seeking guidance and assistance with logistics, the two best friends became business partners and started Besties That Travel. Another great plus for the duo was Profit’s working experience as a travel agent for the last four years.

The duo offers custom-tailored packages for clients such as couples, solo travelers, groups, and corporate travelers. Services include but are not limited to reserving flights, lodging, private transportation, planning excursions, and daily itineraries.

The Travel Duo With Several Upcoming Ventures

The “besties” are both New Orleans natives and have always had their travel passion and shared road tripping experiences together for over 10 years. Slowly turning their hobby into a legitimate, fully sustainable business comes just naturally.

Besties That Travel in New OrleansBesties That Travel has planned several upcoming ventures and includes a women’s group excursion scheduled for October 2021 to Bali, Indonesia. The two friends have opened up 10 spots and quickly sold out. The duo is excited to explore the tropical islands with a group of like-minded women. What makes this trip even more special is the fact that this would be their first trip as a company.

The besties are also launching a new travel apparel line, BTT Apparel in the Summer of 2021.