The Best Spring Break Spot in the U.S.

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There are a lot of amazing Spring Break locations, but have you ever wondered which one is the absolute best? Well, we have the answer right here! Thanks to, we now have a list of the top 10 Spring Break destinations in the US out of the 100 the website researched. Each location was given a score out of 10, and the best one is a perfect 10 indeed!

The Criteria

In order to rank the best Spring Break destinations, BonusFinder looked at several key factors. The perfect place had to have music events, nightlife, restaurants that stayed open late into the night, hotels – bonus points if they were well-priced – affordable drinks, reasonable taxi prices from the airport to the city center, and a late last call at nightlife establishments. Needless to say, they thought of everything! BonusFinder’s managing director, Fintan Costello, explained, “While many assume they know the prime party spots, oftentimes these well-known cities can disappoint. Our aim with this research was to uncover where the real fun happens, and the results are truly fascinating.”

The Top 10

So, what’s the best US location for Spring Break? Atlantic City, New Jersey, with a perfect score of 10! The runner-up was Miami Beach, Florida, with a score of 9.85. In third place was Hoboken, New Jersey, with 8.76. Next was Key West, Florida, with 8.61. Then, Florida made the list again with Miami, landing at 8.53. Surprisingly, Las Vegas only made it to the middle of the list with a score of 8.25. Next up is Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with a rating of 7.95. Then, New Orleans with 7.89. Reno, Nevada, with 7.81. And, rounding out the top 10 is Shreveport, Louisiana, with a score of 7.73.

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Atlantic City won the top spot thanks to not having any last call at all and hotel rooms that go for an average of $116. Just keep in mind that Atlantic City can be somewhat cold, even during Spring Break time. That said, it’s clearly worth the trip!

Take a Trip to the Charming City of York

Take a Trip to the Charming City of York

Located in Yorkshire, the city of York is one of the best dreamy destinations in England. With plenty of Instagram-worthy spots, beautiful architecture, unique culture, and medieval charm, York is perfect for a quick weekend getaway or a planned trip alike.


To get a Harry Potter-styled magical vibe, head to the Diagon Alley-inspired street of Shambles for an enchanting shopping and nibbling experience. With a maze of twists and turns, this cobblestoned side street is flanked by adjacent 13th-century half-timbered buildings, transporting the visitors to a bygone era. Full of antique stores, quaint hidden gems, and lingering aromas of musty old books, baked cakes, and brewing tea, exploring this York street is truly rewarding.

York Minster

At just a stone-throw distance from the Shambles, the large gothic 17th-century cathedral named York Minster has been serving as a place of reverence for centuries. With its colorful stained glass and handcrafted stonework, this is rightfully dubbed as one of the most magnificent cathedrals in the world.

Great Wall

Take a Trip to the Charming City of York

As an old capital of the Roman Empire, the city of York is rich in historical gems. The great wall is the 2000-year-old defense boundary, encircling the city. While leisurely strolling along the 2.8-mile wall, you can explore the surviving stony remains, masonry, and also splendid views of the York Minster. With free entry, the longest medieval wall in England takes nearly two hours to be explored fully.

Mystery and Gore

Yes, York is fabled as one of Europe’s most haunted cities. Ghost stories, mystery, and folklore are etched into the very fabric of the city, with its ancient buildings, cobbled corners, and lonely alleyways. The town fully embraces and celebrates its spooky charm with evening walking tours for visitors, also including a few re-enactments of the city’s gory legends. If you want to dig deeper into this dark history, visit the York dungeon. Here, actors lead tourists into an immersive history lesson through a range of spine-chilling historic events.