Six Reasons Why Charleston Should Be Your Next Girls Trip Destination

Hoping to find the perfect location for an upcoming girls trip? Even if you’re not, you may soon be convinced otherwise because it seems that Charleston, South Carolina is the place to go with some of your favorite gal pals. Here are six reasons why you may just be swayed to take a trip to this glorious location.


The Rooftop Bars

Any girls trip makes you feel like you belong on Sex and the City and, just like those four famous friends liked to have a good drink, a girls trip is in need of cocktails. With copious amounts of rooftop bars offering some of the best views the city has to offer, what better than to sit back with your martini and get a true view of Charleston.

The Southern Food

When in the south, do as the Southerners would, and that means eating incredible Southern food. With so many amazing restaurants to choose from, you’re only worry would be choosing which one to go for! Not only is the food good, but the charming decor and feel good vibes are sure to make your dining experience even more special.

The Bikes

Vacation is a time to unwind and see new places. What better way than cycling around the city. Being able to ride bikes all over town just adds to the charm of the city.


The Beaches

What’s better than going on vacation where you have the option of a great city and a beach. Not having to compromise on one or the other, but when you’re done riding bikes, you can head to the beach for a visit to the ocean.

The Shops

How could we reenact Carrie Bradshaw if we did not have shops to check out? Fortunately, Charleston does not disappoint with cute boutiques found on every corner. With plenty to choose from, you could spend a whole day taking a sneaky look inside. Of course, you’ll want a new dress to hit the bar with later that night.