Take a Trip to the Charming City of York

Take a Trip to the Charming City of York

Located in Yorkshire, the city of York is one of the best dreamy destinations in England. With plenty of Instagram-worthy spots, beautiful architecture, unique culture, and medieval charm, York is perfect for a quick weekend getaway or a planned trip alike.


To get a Harry Potter-styled magical vibe, head to the Diagon Alley-inspired street of Shambles for an enchanting shopping and nibbling experience. With a maze of twists and turns, this cobblestoned side street is flanked by adjacent 13th-century half-timbered buildings, transporting the visitors to a bygone era. Full of antique stores, quaint hidden gems, and lingering aromas of musty old books, baked cakes, and brewing tea, exploring this York street is truly rewarding.

York Minster

At just a stone-throw distance from the Shambles, the large gothic 17th-century cathedral named York Minster has been serving as a place of reverence for centuries. With its colorful stained glass and handcrafted stonework, this is rightfully dubbed as one of the most magnificent cathedrals in the world.

Great Wall

Take a Trip to the Charming City of York

As an old capital of the Roman Empire, the city of York is rich in historical gems. The great wall is the 2000-year-old defense boundary, encircling the city. While leisurely strolling along the 2.8-mile wall, you can explore the surviving stony remains, masonry, and also splendid views of the York Minster. With free entry, the longest medieval wall in England takes nearly two hours to be explored fully.

Mystery and Gore

Yes, York is fabled as one of Europe’s most haunted cities. Ghost stories, mystery, and folklore are etched into the very fabric of the city, with its ancient buildings, cobbled corners, and lonely alleyways. The town fully embraces and celebrates its spooky charm with evening walking tours for visitors, also including a few re-enactments of the city’s gory legends. If you want to dig deeper into this dark history, visit the York dungeon. Here, actors lead tourists into an immersive history lesson through a range of spine-chilling historic events.

Top Tips for Creating a Travel Journal

If you’re the kind of person that loves to travel the world, you may love to document where you go and what you see during your adventures. Instead of just taking a few photographs here and there, why don’t you create a travel journal? This way, you can write about the people you meet, the stories you have to tell, and even a few travel tips if you decide that you want to return to that country or destination later in life.

Ditch the Notebook

Whether you love to travel around with just a backpack or prefer to stay in 5-star hotels, there’s a high chance that you’re always going to have your phone with you. So, it could be an idea to ditch your notebook and embrace technology instead. There are many travel journey apps on offer, and this means that you can keep a virtual copy of your journal at all times.

Top Tips for Creating a Travel Journal

Remember the Details

When you look back at the vacations that you have taken over the years, what do you remember about them? You probably remember where you went and the attractions you saw, so try to include finer details within your travel journey. Add in where you stayed, a great cafe you found, or a restaurant that served the greatest burger you’ve ever eaten.

Top Tips for Creating a Travel Journal

Add in Different Media

When writing a travel journal, it can be easy to stick to the writing. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add in different media. In the virtual or physical pages of your travel journal, you can add photos into the mix as well as the likes of brochures, train tickets, or other little trinkets that showcase your adventure as a whole.

The idea of creating a travel journal can be difficult to come to grips with, but that doesn’t mean that you have to avoid it altogether. These top tips should get you started.