Be Sure To Wear Clean Shoes When In These Top 5 Cleanest Cities

No one likes to live in squalor. Dirty streets and air filled with pollution are not on anyone’s criteria when looking for a home, nor for when they go on vacation. The demand for cleaner cities is on the up. After all, a cleaner city means healthier living. So check out the top 5 cities in the world that are not only the cleanest but the most beautiful too.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Not just thousands, but millions of tourists from around the world come to visit Honolulu each year. The air is so clean in this city which plays a vital role in attracting the many vacationers. The spotless environment is also maintained by the regular rainfall. This place is otherwise known as a tropical paradise, and it is clear to see why.

Adelaide, Australia

The capital of South Australia holds this clean and spotless city. Adelaide has also been ranked as one of the most liveable cities in Australia. It not only has wonderful tall mountains but also well developed educational systems and recycling methods.

Oslo, Norway

This city is known for its continual struggle in reducing pollution. As a result, it has become one of the most expensive cities in the world. Located in the Northern European continent, this city was ranked as the second most greenest, on top of the most liveable city in the world. It is no wonder why so many tourists come each year.

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington is a city full of natural beauty, mountains, greenery, and clean streets. Therefore, not only is it highly appealing for tourists (attracting 2.6 million a year) but many people want to live here too. It is one of the top-rated in the world when it comes to energy consumption and air quality.

Calgary, Canada

At the top of the list is Calgary. With two major rivers running through this city, the humidity is guaranteed. Keeping clean throughout, it has continuously been ranked within the top three cities of the world in the last five years.