The Most Dog-Friendly Cities In The World

Perhaps you want to bring your four-legged friend along on your next adventure? Maybe you’re looking to move and want somewhere that will welcome your pet, too? Whatever the case, these are the most dog-friendly cities in the world.

The Most Dog Friendly Cities In The World

Rome, Italy

It’s not unusual to see dogs running here, there, and everywhere in Rome. Why? It’s not a law to use a leash! That means pups can often be seen splashing in the fountains or making friends with anyone willing to stop and give them smoochies.

New York City, New York

From designer collars to chic accessories, it seems as though the dogs of New York City are often treated to only the best. That’s not all. Anyone who adopts their dog from the shelter will get a $500 tax credit for the end of the year to encourage more people to adopt and not shop.

The Most Dog Friendly Cities In The World

Tel Aviv, Israel

This city is filled with thousands of dogs who are allowed just about everywhere. Malls, restaurants, cafes, and stores are all filled with our four-legged friends. Plus, there are more than 70 dog parks in Tel Aviv alone that our dogs can reach by train, taxi, or bus.

Geneva, Switzerland

Any dog owner in Switzerland must pass a rigorous test before they are allowed their new pet. As well as passing the written exam, there is also a practical assessment that grants people a license. They only want their dogs to have the best of friends in this city.

The Most Dog Friendly Cities In The World

Santa Barbara, California

Living next to the beach can be the perfect home for many dog owners. The best bit? Santa Barbara has a dedicated dog beach that means our canine friends can run free and hit the waves alongside their owner. It’s even open every day of the year – bonus!

Seattle, Washington

Believe it or not, but there are more dogs in Seattle than there are babies. Yes, it seems as though people in Seattle are so in love with their dogs that more and more people are welcoming them into their lives every year, meaning the pets accepted just about anywhere in the city.

Thankfully, we no longer have to worry about leaving our furry friend at home if we plan on taking our pooch with us to one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world.