Kalamazoo, Michigan Was Ranked the Number One Coolest Place in U.S.

Kalamazoo, Michigan, recently got the number one rank for the coolest place in the US. A top ten list of the coolest cities was put together by the digital media company PureWow and Kalamazoo rose to the top with its lowest cost of living and the many lifestyle perks it offers, including popular restaurants and various recreational activities.

Kalamazoo, Michigan Is Beautiful and Has the Lowest Cost of Living in the US

View of Kalamazoo, Michigan
The lifestyle content publication from PureWow took into account many variables to determine the coolest cities in the country. The cross-referenced data was taken from the Council for Community and Economic Research and included the Cost of Living Index and other factors, including what the local denizens can see or do in their city. The West Michigan city got ahead of places like Knoxville, TN, Savannah, GA, and Huntsville, AL.

The Michigan City Has Many Amazing Restaurants and Offers Various Options for Entertainment

Street view of Kalamazoo, Michigan
To give Kalamazoo, Michigan, the number one spot on the list, PureWow determined that it offered a happy medium when it comes to entertainment, art, and lifestyle affordability. The company stated that Kalamazoo has the lowest cost of living composite index, which is 76.8, offers affordable housing, access to quality groceries, and a relatively low state income sales tax. This means that a dollar is probably worth more in Kalamazoo than in other places, like Grand Rapids or Ann Arbor, and that is a very important factor when considering the overall quality of life that the locals enjoy.

In addition to housing, financial factors, and available entertainment, PureWow considered other aspects of life in Kalamazoo, Michigan. For instance, they stated that the zoo is quite unique and paid attention to the chili cook-offs, farmers markets, and visual & performing arts that take place in the area. Still, the competition was not won easily as other cities that appeared on the list include Greenville, SC, Indianapolis, IN, Green Bay, WI, Des Moines, IA, Oklahoma City, OK, and Fayetteville, AR.