Everything LA’s Super Hip Fashion District Has to Offer

A vibrant and colorful place located in Downtown Los Angeles, the Fashion District certainly has a lot to offer those who venture through its streets. A wonderful place for shoppers and stylists, it has been a center for the US apparel industry for a long time. However, nowadays, this stunning district has much more to offer than just couture.

A Beautiful Flower District

This lovely part of LA is home to the Original Los Angeles Flower Market which was founded by a group of growers back in 1912. Today, it is surrounded by a remarkable flower district with over 200 vendors in six blocks. It is the prime spot for those seeking fresh flowers and beautiful floral arrangements.

Everything LA’s Super Hip Fashion District Has to Offer

Santee Alley Shopping 

There are over 150 retailers located in Santee Alley, offering everything from children’s clothing to fabulous accessories and quality beauty products. Those two blocks make for an exciting and unforgettable outdoor shopping experience.

A Place for Art

Years ago, a Downtown Art Walk was organized as a monthly collaboration. Today, more than two dozen galleries can be found in the area throughout twelve blocks. Among the most prominent ones are the Hive Gallery, featuring pop surrealism, and the Ren Gallery focusing on street and abstract art. Another interesting gallery is the Berta Art Studio Gallery, presenting pieces created by Clara Berta, whose serene paintings are meant to promote wellness and healing.

Various Dining Options

Everything LA’s Super Hip Fashion District Has to Offer

City Market South, which was founded in 1909, now houses a variety of modern restaurants, coffee shops, and innovative eateries. It is an excellent place to visit, but one must remember to bring a healthy appetite! Another great place to stop by is the Pattern Bar. This lovely lounge offers couture-inspired cocktails that carry the names of many famous designers.

Excellent Hotels

The Fashion District is home to a number of amazing hotels that are housed in historic buildings. The Ace Hotel offers a nostalgic vibe of old Hollywood. Located in a former theater dating back to 1927, it still hosts parties, musicians, and a variety of other events. Another go-to hotel is the Hexton, overlooking Broadway. Its amazing in-house restaurant always offers an array of scrumptious dishes.