How To Feel Like A Local In Marrakesh


Marrakesh is the fourth-largest city In Morocco and capital of Marrakesh-Safi. There are plenty of reasons that people are drawn to the area each year. So what if you don’t want to stand out on your travels? Don’t worry; here’s how to feel like a local in Marrakesh.

How To Feel Like A Local In Marrakesh

Dress For The Area

Marrakesh is quickly becoming one of the more popular tourist locations. However, if you want to fit in, you might want to stick to a more conservative dress code. Although the nation is fairly relaxed about rules, you may find yourself sticking out a little too much.

Book Your Taxis

Tourists can often expect to pay more than locals, but it seems to go to the extreme in Marrakesh. It’s usually best to book your taxi before you head out to ensure you get a fair price and not caught with a hefty bill.

How To Feel Like A Local In Marrakesh

Prepare To Get Lost

Have no fear; getting lost is all part of the fun when it comes to visiting Marrakesh. The winding streets can easily confuse the best of us. So long as you can find your way back in the end, you can have fun getting lost among it all.

Don’t Trust The Tap Water

This goes with a handful of countries. Staying safe means investing in your own flask and refilling your water from filtered water stations rather than the tap.

How To Feel Like A Local In Marrakesh

Be Alert On The Streets

You need to be patient and alert at all times if you want to make it around the streets. There are few rules of the road around Marrakesh and even fewer paths for people on foot. It’s best to keep your head up and be alert of your surroundings than staring at your feet or scrolling through your phone.

Exploring Marrakesh can be a great way to learn about the history of the area – especially if you learn to feel like a local.

What to Do in Formentera: Top Three Must-Try Activities

What to Do in Formentera: Top Three Must-Try Activities Located just four miles south of Ibiza, the main island of Formentera is an absolute jewel at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. With its endless white sandy beaches, alluring crystal clear waters, and limitless adventure opportunities, this destination will make for the perfect destination to spend your vacation days. Here are three things to do in Formentera!

1. Explore Formentera’s Awesome Water Activities

Water Skiing in Formentera With over 40 miles of breathtaking virgin coastline, Formentera offers all sorts of water sports and excitement. From snorkeling, kayaking, diving, and water skiing to paddle boarding and boat rides, there’s something for everyone. If you’re a dedicated diver, you’ll love the clear cobalt-blue waters of the northern islands of S’Espardell and Esplamandor.

2. Go Hiking Around the Green Routes

One of the green routes of Formentera Avid hikers, rejoice! The main island of Formentera offers more than 80 miles of well-maintained, gorgeous hiking and cycling trails, popularly known as the green routes. Since the topography is mostly flat, you don’t need to bring any heavy gear and virtually anyone can enjoy a walk or a bike ride through the green countryside. Wander past Savin Junipers, dunes, golden wheatfields, vineyards, and endless pine and carob trees, and take in all the beauty that this island has to offer. Be sure to visit Pla de La Mola and the four historic watchtowers.

3. Discover the Beauty of Birdwatching

A Kentish plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) seen up close on Formentera Because of Formentera’s unique geographic location between Africa and Europe, it is home to thousands of migratory birds. The island’s rich ecosystems, wetlands, and lagoons make it a feast for any birdwatching enthusiast. Take a short boat ride to the beautiful Los Freus islets, which are a prominent UNESCO Heritage Site, and observe rare birds in their natural habitat. To catch a glimpse of flamingos and shelducks, be sure to visit the Estany Pudent lagoon for a trip to remember. You’ll also spot indigenous species like the Peregrine Falcon, Goldfinch, and the Balearic warbler. Exciting, right?