Head to Morocco’s Oyster Capital, Oualidia, for an Unforgettable Time

From ancient architecture to modern cities, from fascinating views to gorgeous desserts, Morocco is a tourist destination for each and every one of us. It has tourist spots that cater to everybody — mountain lovers, trekkers, art enthusiasts, and a lot more. A family trip to this country’s oyster capital is something that will stay with you forever, and you will not regret any minute and penny that you spend here. If you are as excited as we are, take a look at this complete itinerary for the people visiting the most amazing coastal town, Oualidia, for the first time.

Explore Unspoiled Nature

Oualidia is worldwide famous for its untouched nature. There are numerous places in this mesmerizing Moroccan village where you can encounter the real beauty of the Earth. It is nothing but a lovers’ paradise. Here, you will encounter white waves hitting the shore, shiny sand on the beaches, and a view to die for. You can, in fact, hop on a cruise or a boat and go around. Additionally, you can also go horseback riding, arrange a small picnic, or go bird watching.

Grab a Bite at These Restaurants

Because of its proximity to the sea, this town serves its guests the most delicious seafood. If you want the best place to satisfy your stomach and your eyes, head to La Sultana’s O Bar. This restaurant doesn’t only sell the best oysters but is also too beautiful to be true. While you are in the city, also take a bite at the Octopus. You will get delish fusion dishes here. Do not forget to try out their Octopus Pizza. If you’re a street food lover, then the fishermen’s stalls on the beach might be the best option for you. Go ahead and eat the fish you grill all by yourself!

Staycation at La Sultana

La Sultana isn’t just known for its bar and restaurant, but it’s also the most luxurious hotel in Oualidia. Staying here is itself a mini vacation. With the sea view, the 12 suites and rooms are set up to give you the best experience. Here, you get a private terrace, jacuzzi, and much more. You might never want to leave your room once you visit. You can also go to the Airbnb beach cottage and enjoy barbeque, starry nights, and cozy rooms with rooftops. Regardless of where you stay, you’ll leave Morocco feeling like a rejuvenated soul.