Neighborhoods Across Berlin Are Being Turned Into Open Air Cinemas

Let’s be honest; we miss going to the movies. We miss choosing the film that we want to watch, we miss pouring hot butter over our popcorn buckets, and we even miss telling the people behind us to shhh. It’s not known when movie theaters are going to open up their doors again, but it seems as though neighborhoods in Berlin don’t want to wait any longer. Thankfully, they’ve come up with an idea that offers the best of both worlds.

Shutting Up Shop

With the coronavirus pandemic raging war across the globe, almost everything has closed. This is especially true when it comes to leisure activities, and even movie theaters have had to shut up shop. This has left many people in their homes with nothing to do, and this can seriously take its toll as time passes. A new initiative has become popular across Berlin, though, and it seems as though it’s allowing residents the chance to feel a little normal again.

A Film Project

Windowflicks is a new film project that is sweeping across the whole city of Berlin, and anyone can sign up their neighborhood – as long as this neighborhood features an apartment block where at least 20 windows face a blank wall. Then, a movie is projected onto the wall for everyone to watch out of their own apartments, or hang out outside in a socially distanced manner.

Something For Everyone

Even if you don’t like the movie that’s being played, it offers something new – and it offers something for everyone. After all, this initiative also involves local businesses and features free popcorn for all of those who want to get involved in the movie night. Of course, the movies are subtitled to be courteous to those who want to sleep and don’t want to get involved.

How great is this idea? This is so creative.