New York City Now Has One of the Most Famous Pizzeria From Italy

You probably remember the scene from Eat Pray Love where Julia Roberts takes her first bite of a true Italian pizza and falls in love with it. You also probably wanted to jump into the screen and take a bite out of the cheesy goodness by yourself. Well, now you can. The historic pizzeria from Naples, L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, which was featured in the movie, is coming to New York City.

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele

L’Antica has been in the U.S. for a few years now. The first outlet opened in Hollywood in 2019. Each restaurant in the United States was beautifully designed by the Naples-native proprietor, Francesco Zimone, utilizing Baltic stone and recycled wood. Even though the pizzeria has served only two types of pizzas since its inception in 1980 — marinara and margherita — their menu for the NYC outlet will have a lot more to offer. Other than pizzas, there are salads, pastas, and some delicious cheesy fritto misto and fried zucchini flowers on the menu. The pizzeria is also a favorite amongst celebs. According to a server at Da Michele, actor Stanley Tucci simply adores their handmade spaghetti pasta with zucchini, Parmigiano, Pecorino, and basil.

Favorite Menu Items

The head pizzaiolo at Da Michele, Michele Rubini, loves their margherita pizza. The perfect match between tomato and cheese makes it his favorite. Even though the change in geographical location may have altered their menus, there are a few things that still remain the same, be it the traditional recipe of margherita pizza from Naples or importing the ingredients and the oven from Italy. He boasted that the margherita in their NYC location is just as delicious and mouth-watering as the one in Naples. According to him, a margherita is supposed to be juicy; there should be a balance between the tomato and cheese; it should be chewy with puffy perimeters.