Take a Trip to North Carolina to See the Most Picturesque Skyline in the U.S

Facebook // City of New Bern Parks and Recreation

Have you ever wondered which state boasts the most beautiful skyline in the USA? Well, wonder no more, that title goes to North Carolina! The small town of New Bern won the state this prestigious title thanks to a poll conducted by MovingFeedback.com which asked over 1,000 travelers for their opinions – and New Bern came out as the winner.

New Bern, North Carolina

New Bern is a small city with only around 30,000 people. It boasts colonial architecture, a 16-acre garden, a bustling downtown, and an iconic skyline. According to Harrison Gough of MovingFeedback.com, “Awe-inspiring skylines are not exclusive to our major metropolises. Our survey reveals that the heart of America’s architectural beauty often beats strongest in our smaller towns, where history and nature combine to create truly unforgettable vistas.”

The Other Cities on the List

Not only does North Carolina have some serious bragging rights for topping MovingFeedback.com’s list, but the state had another city that made it to the top 10 as well. After New Bern, the list continues with Walla Walla, Washington; Estes Park, Colorado; Ojai, California; Hendersonville, North Carolina; Leadville, Colorado; Bay St. Louis, Mississippi; Valley City, North Dakota; Bath, Maine; and Jonesborough, Tennessee.

Facebook // City of New Bern Parks and Recreation

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