3 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Limerick, Ireland, Right Now

A view of Limerick

When it comes to the Emerald Isles, the majority of tourists fly into Shannon airport and skip the charms of Limerick. Yet, the beautiful Irish city has so much to offer in terms of historic sites, a vibrant art scene, and a bevy of activities perfect for all sorts of travelers. Here are three of many reasons to plan a trip there asap.

1. Visit One of Limerick’s Main Sites, King John’s Castle

King John’s Castle Overlooking the Shannon River, King John’s Castle is a fantastic site full of rich history and beautiful views. There is a new museum there that offers a hands-on, interactive tour of revolutionary politics, costumes, trade, and the famous 16th-century siege that took place in the castle. Walking up to the imposing walls of the castle is a memorable experience all on its own.

2. Delve Into the Rich History of St Mary’s Cathedral

St Mary’s Cathedral St Mary’s Cathedral is one of the cultural and architectural hotspots in all of Limerick. The 12th-century church bears the ups and downs in the city’s long history, making it the oldest building in the area. It’s worth exploring with an experienced tour guide who can give you a clear understanding of all the important events in this western heartland over the last couple of centuries.

3. Experience the Local Art Scene

The Hunt Museum, Limerick Much like any European city, Limerick also has its vibrant art scene. In fact, it’s more vibrant than most. Did you know that Limerick is home to works by Picasso and Renoir? That’s right. Aside from hosting the beautiful paintings of the famous Irish artist Jack B. Yeats, the city also features works of art by other prominent talents. Stop by the Hunt Museum and be sure to check the latest and permanent exhibitions at the Limerick City Gallery of Art.

In addition to these must-do activities when in Limerick, you will be impressed by the beauty of the surrounding nature and all the day-trip opportunities the towns nearby have to offer. Plan your trip today and explore away!

Latest Times Square Attraction Allows You to Enjoy the City From 30 Feet Above in a Room Suspended Mid-Air


Ever think of enjoying a panoramic view of your favorite city from up above? If you do, then you’re in luck now! You don’t have to book a copter or try out paragliding to do so. You can enjoy the exact grand view of your city skyline, being suspended 30 feet in the air, with your feet completely grounded! Sounds farfetched? But, that’s exactly what is on offer from a brand new attraction of Times Square in NYC.

The Attraction

If you ever dreamt about exploring the sights of NYC from a random Midtown room, RiseNY is the place for you. It is a museum cum theme park style of ride, to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The centerpiece of the site is a flight simulation ride, the first-ever in the city. It is a 46-seated ‘flying theatre’, which lifts the visitors up above 30 feet in the air. There, you will be gliding and dangling your feet over the iconic landmarks and skyline of New York, featured by an 8K aerial footage. A 40 foot 180-degree projection dome inside the room will project the footage, creating the sensation of a flight. The concept and design of RiseNY are inspired by the ‘Soarin’ over California’ ride in Disneyland. James Sanna, the CEO of NY-based entertainment company Running Subway, is the man behind creating this experience unique to the city.

The NYC Spirit

Tapping the latest technologies of simulative augmented reality, RiseNY features everything to bombard you with the ‘quintessential NYC spirit’ of Times Square. Along with the aerial footage, there will be scents, wind, and mist to heighten up the simulation, on the backdrop of two iconic soundtracks- Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift and Theme from New York by Frank Sinatra. Also, before soaring through the digital recreation of the just outside, you will enjoy a film on the city’s history directed by esteemed documentarians James Sanders and Ric Burns, and narrated by none other than Jeff Goldblum. The amazing attraction truly holds everything in store to make you immersed in the classic NYC essence.