Rockford Is Gaining Momentum With Diverse Female-Led Businesses and These Are Some of the Best Ones

The much beloved 1992 movie A League of Their Own has made Rockford, Illinois a household name. Recently reimagined into an Amazon Prime series of the same name, the legacy of Rockford’s women’s baseball team is now going to be familiar to even the newer generation. This charming town is still filled to the brim with the same female-led grit and spirit, just as it was in the Geena Davis and Tom Hanks movie. Rockford is now home to several small and medium businesses, led by local women.

The Historic Legacy

The women’s baseball team, named The Rockford Peaches, snatched the most championship titles in the baseball league from 1943 to 1954. The team became very successful against all criticisms, doubts, and mockeries. The CEO and president of GoRockford, the tourism company of the city, John Groh aptly explained that the mystique and legacy of the iconic Rockford Peaches still endure to this day in the spirit of the city.

The Present Scene

The city of Rockford today symbolizes an unparalleled sense of women empowerment in its tributes to its history, and also with its roster of diverse and successful women-owned businesses. For fans, the town has a fan trail that will take them through sites important for the Peaches, like the Beyer Stadium, Coronado Performing Arts Central, Midway Village Museum, etc. The female entrepreneurs of the city have faced many doubts and criticisms, just like the Peaches. But with the same perseverance, they’ve finally turned their fates and have written their own success stories against all odds.

The Diverse Businesses

The neighborhood of Rockford is now home to many booming businesses. Susan Pitkin was initially demoralized when she wanted to start a chocolate business on her own. But after years of determination with 16-hour work days, Pitkin and her CacaoCuvee Chocolate has been featured by Oprah Winfrey, twice. Chintana Sengchannavong moved to Rockford from Thailand with eight sisters and her mother, with only $100. Gradually, the family has turned their love of cooking into the Sisters Thai Café. The restaurant got revived by locals’ support after some tough years. Crust & Crumbles owner and single mother Jojo Gendenbaatar immigrated with her family to Rockford from Mongolia and opened her bakery as a brick-and-mortar shop, while also working as a registered nurse. She was able to build a special relationship with the community that propelled her business to grow and become successful.

The Most Delicious Places to Eat in Singapore

Singapore may be home to beautiful architecture, bustling city life, stunning parks, interesting history, and wonderful people, but there’s no doubt about the fact that this city-state is also the home of delicious food. You don’t have to walk too far to come across a good restaurant in Singapore, but there are some that seem to stand above the rest. Yes, these are the most delicious places to eat in Singapore.

The Most Delicious Places to Eat in Singapore

528 Katong Laksa

This restaurant may look pretty unassuming from the outside, but it’s actually one of the most famous eateries that Singapore has to offer. That’s because they offer delicious, no-nonsense food that’s ready for you to eat, enjoy, and leave before you start to linger and stop others from enjoying the famous laksa noodles and the yummy nasi lemak.

Burnt Ends

As you can probably tell by the name of this restaurant in Singapore, Burnt Ends is all about bringing the people what they want; tasty barbecue dishes. Featuring talented chefs who cook the meat right in front of you, this restaurant may not be the cheapest, but it’s definitely one of the best. The meat is incredible, and it’s fair to say that the barbecued vegetables are just as tasty. You need your greens, after all.

The Most Delicious Places to Eat in Singapore

Kok Sen Restaurant

Kok Sen Restaurant is almost always brimming with people, and it’s safe to say that there’s a reason for that. The food here is second to none, and the chefs focus on tze char dishes, which focus on home-cooked Chinese-style cooking. Perhaps one of their most popular dishes is the Big Prawn Hor Fun, and there are also other more-famous dishes that have to be ordered in advance. Otherwise, you’re going to miss out.

Singapore is home to amazing chefs who work at incredible restaurants, so it would be rude not to try them out, right? We’ve got your starter, main, and dessert sorted.