Washington DC Puts the Cherry Blossom Display Online

Cherry blossom season is upon us, but unlike previous years, visitors are encouraged not to visit the beautiful floral displays by the Washington, DC waterfront this year. This switch to an online display is to ensure everyone stays safe during this time and that people abide by the new laws put in place in the city.

Washington DC Puts the Cherry Blossom Display Online

Peak Bloom in DC

Washington, DC is among one of the few fortunate areas in the world that get to see cherry blossom trees reach peak bloom for just a few weeks. The trees are located at the Jefferson Memorial and at the National Mall Tidal Basin. These areas typically draw large crowds, which is what started the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival.

The cherry blossom traditional dates back to 1912 when 3,000 cherry trees were gifted from the Mayor of Tokyo, Yukio Ozaki, to the city of Washington, DC. It celebrated the friendship between the people of Japan and the United States.

Peak bloom for the trees in the nation’s capital occurs between mid-March to mid-April. This is when roughly 1.5 million people per year come to the waterfront to take photos of the beautiful pink and white flowers, enjoy the events, and admire their beauty.

Virtual Admiration for the Trees

This year, those who will want to see the trees bloom and admire their beauty will have to do so virtually. Due to the travel restrictions and lockdowns put in place, crowds are not allowed at the tidal basin.

Washington DC Puts the Cherry Blossom Display Online

People are being directed to the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s website to view the “bloomcam” and take part in virtual tours, events, and activities. Even though this doesn’t seem ideal, it opens the opportunity for more people than ever around the world to take part in the experience even if they weren’t planning on coming to the nation’s capital.