The Secret Is Out — The Southeast Asian Market in South Philly Is One of the Best in America

The Southeast Asian Market Is Famous for Its Food and Various Cuisines

Philadelphia has long been renowned for the famous Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s (FDR) Park, which has been there for over 100 years. But, the city is now experiencing an uprising in one of its food streets — the Southeast Asian Market. It has become one of the best food markets, especially for travelers and food lovers.

The Beginning

The establishment of the Southeast Asian Market first began with a Laotian couple selling papaya salad from their vehicle. Over time, many Southeast Asian vendors and families started setting up their stalls or shops in the alleys and street corners, covering every park corner. To ensure they were never confiscated by the police, the Cambodian Associate of Philly, the Vending Association of FDR Park, and the FDR Park Leadership faculties all came together and helped by turning their shops and stalls into legal and legitimate businesses. Today, the market’s board offers full support and proper education and training to the vendors that want to obtain a business license, file the taxes, and efficiently grow and invest more in their businesses.

The Best Food Market in the Country

The Best Food Market in the Country

Visiting the Southeast Asian Market will take you to a unique culinary experience. Start your day with refreshing sugarcane juice, or if you’re a caffeine lover, surely try Vietnamese coffee. With so many options to choose from for lunch, their Cambodian chicken wings are a popular choice. End your day with the mouth-watering dessert of mango and sticky rice, which the Southeast Asian Market is actually pretty famous for. You can visit the market throughout the year except for the last two months, and always check the peak hours or the opening times of the market before you visit. Also, make sure to stop by an ATM beforehand, as the local vendors and sellers of the Southeast Asian Market accept cash only.

All You Need To Know About the ‘Cotswolds of Texas’ — Round Top

This Town in Texas Blends Western Flair With English Countryside Charm

Round Top, Texas, is a charming little town that’s the unique combination of Western flair and country charm. Want to visit it but have no clue where to start? Don’t fret, as we’ve brought you all the information you need to know before getting there.

When to Go

This quaint little town has a rustic charm to it that is best felt during the winter, autumn, or spring antique fairs. This time frame enables you to experience both the antique fair and the famous Marburger Farm Antique Show. As this time has the most attractions, it is also the most crowded. So, if you want to have a more quiet experience with no rush or waiting lines, it is best to plan your trip outside of this time frame.

How to Reach

How to Reach

Located halfway between Houston and Austin, the town can be easily accessible from airports in either city. So, depending on your choice, you can rent a car from the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston (IAH) (96 miles away) or the Austin–Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) to reach the town and go exploring.

Where to Stay

The Rancho Pillow has an eclectic appeal thanks to the designer Sheila Youngblood, who owns the property. The Frenchie specifically caters to any girls’ trip headed to the town, while at The Vintage Round Top, you can rent an entire cottage for the duration of your trip. The boutique hotel Wander Inn is also a great choice, as it presents itself as a distinctive option, run by Junk Gypsy owners. A recent addition to these options is the restored and renovated Hotel Lulu, formerly Bybee Square.

What to Do

What to Do

Famous for the antique shopping options that it offers, Round Top also offers a lot of other tourist attractions. These include the modern takes on the Texan shopping experience thanks to Curate by Stash, designer Courtney Barton, the two-story Townsend Provisions, and Wimberly. There are options in terms of festivals and such experiences as well, in the form of Jaster Street, home to the Round Top Festival Institute, which houses the Festival Concert Hall. The restaurant experience in the town also offers delightful options for food and drinks. Il Cuculo is a bar decorated with artist Andrea Condara’s murals while Royers Round Top Cafe and Royers Pie Haven are family-owned establishments in line with the old-school charm of the town overall.