Not Everybody Knows About Georgia BBQ, but It Still Exists

In North America, BBQ is generally associated with the Southern states. And this is not just about the low-and-slow meat cooking, barbecues are a great method of communication.

BBQ plate

Most Southerners Agree That Georgia BBQ Exists

The reason why Georgian BBQ is not accepted as a thing globally is the lack of clear regional barbecue traditions compared to other Southern states. The truth is, Georgia’s style varies depending on the person describing it, and that’s what makes the Georgia BBQ so interesting as a topic and a unique experience every time you’re in the area.

What Should Be on The Menu?

What really defines Georgia-style barbecue is a blend of cooking with heart, soul, and history. All these, coupled with twangy vinegar, thickened tomato base, etc., are the recognizable flavors in the Georgia BBQ.

Judd Foster of South of Heaven BBQ in Carroltron says he discovered the existence of Georgia barbecue through his customers. After three years in Atlanta, the owner opened up a restaurant 50 miles west of the city. With the help of the Atlanta-based hip-hop duo OutKast, he made sure he included the following in the menu:

  • Brisket
  • Pulled Pork
  • Smoked Sausage Sandwich (Big Boi)
  • Homemade Beer Cheese, which is incorporated into the restaurant’s cheesesteak

The Smokers Are Important

Smoked Ribs
Other BBQ owners believe it’s the smoker that matters most, and what’s not to like about a sweeter, smokier flavor? Georgians would feed a smoker all night, so that’s definitely something to taste on your meat.

Anna Phelps from Anna’s BBQ is sure that smokier meats are Georgia’s calling cards. Her father’s side hails from Greensboro – a small town located between Atlanta and Augusta, and she believes that the increased levels of smoke found in Georgia BBQ are due to the tried-and-true tradition of backyard charcoal cooking.

She also adds: “Everybody’s got a little bit of a different taste, but I don’t think it’s that different when you get outside Atlanta”.

Smokey meat, mac & cheese for a side
Georgians also love Sunday suppers and family meals, which include mac and cheese, cornbread, collard green mandatory add-ons, chicken mull, and other BBQ sides that are often associated with Northern states.