Nutella’s New Jars Feature Famous U.S. Landmarks

Nutella has become a staple for breakfast across the U.S. Taking advantage of this popularity; the brand has launched new jars to pay tribute to the different regions in the country. These are limited-edition jars and the series is titled ‘Breakfast Across America.’ There are 16 jars featuring a recipe of that very region. For instance, the New Orleans jar has beignets on it while the New York City jar has bagels.

Iconic Places

The jars feature a few of America’s largest cities such as San Francisco. This city has the recipe for sourdough toast. Another jar has Miami Beach featuring breakfast tostadas, New Orleans has beignets, Chicago has breakfast pizza, and New York City has bagels. There are other cities too, like Santa Fe which has empanadas on it, Portland, Maine, which has blueberry pancakes while Kauai has Hawaiian sweet bread. These jars have some legendary landmarks such as Niagara Falls featuring the recipe for English muffins, Dutch baby pancakes with Crater Lake, Sheepherder bread with Lake Tahoe, Fry Bread with Glacier Park, the acai bowl with Napa Valley, the breakfast burrito with Pikes Peak, Pannakakku pancakes with Mackinac Island, and lingonberry muffins with Kenai Fjords, Alaska.

Interesting History

Nutella once released a series featuring 30 jars with a variety of scenes all over Italy, which is the birthplace of the brand. It was created by Pietro Ferrero, a pastry maker, in Piedmont due to a shortage of cocoa at that time. It was created with sugar, hazelnuts, and very little cocoa, in 1964. Nutella is now easily available in about 160 countries. This brand also has a cafe in the city of Chicago, as well as its very own holiday which is celebrated on February 5. The new series of Nutella is now available in two different sizes. There are the 13-ounce jars for $4.29 and the 26.5-ounce jars priced at $7.99.