Exploring Seattle’s Culinary Delights With Chef Aisha Ibrahim

Exploring Seattle’s Culinary Delights With Chef Aisha Ibrahim

Canlis’ executive chef, Aisha Ibrahim, seeks to explore Seattle’s hidden culinary gems. On this gastronomic endeavor, she gives her observations and suggestions for people who want to explore Seattle food.

Teriyaki Town

Seattle has established itself as a hub for teriyaki enthusiasts. Chef Aisha’s personal favorite is Toshi’s Teriyaki Grill, which showcases the city’s strong teriyaki culture.

Indeed, chef Ibrahim has already used their menu as a jumping-off point at her restaurant Canlis, where they have introduced their own unique take on teriyaki to the menu, all thanks to Ter paying homage to this local favorite.

Dim Sum Brunch

Chef Aisha recommends Joyale Seafood Restaurant as the best place for delicious dim sum.

This is an ideal place for Sunday brunch as one can socialize with friends while enjoying the real dim sum dishes. With its warm atmosphere and great food, it is the restaurant to be at.

Pastry Road Trip to T55 Pâtisserie

When it comes to pastries, Chef Aisha has a top pick – T55 Pâtisserie in Bothell.

Pastry Road Trip to T55 Pâtisserie

Apparently, the inevitable wait is worth it. Exceptional pastries line the shelves here—and are as delightful to the eyes as they are to the palate. A visit to this charming pastry shop promises a memorable and delectable experience. Recommended as a Sunday brunch spot—if you are willing to wait for a table!

A Night Out

Ibrahim chooses to go simple on her nights off. That’s precisely what Spinasse and its sister restaurant, Artusi, provide. Famous for cooking straightforward mouthwatering plates, they offer a cozy environment.

A Night Out

Chef Aisha loves the tajarin pasta with cultured butter and sage, and calls it a “relaxing experience” that she’d love to have again.

Team Meal Tradition

After a long and exhausting day at work, Chef Aisha and her team have cultivated a heartwarming tradition – indulging in late-night dim sum at Honey Court.

This post-service ritual involves up to 28 members of their team gathering around three large tables to share late-night Chinese delicacies. It’s an opportunity to unwind and bond over great food.

Top 6 Brunch Spots According to Tripsavvy Editors’ Choice Awards

If Carrie Bradshaw is to be believed, there’s nothing better than spending a Sunday with your girlfriends feasting on some delicious brunch food. If you’re looking to make your next brunch plans all the more amazing, here are the top six brunch spots, according to Tripsavvy’s 5th Annual Editors’ Choice Awards. These awards honor the top destinations in the travel and hospitality sector all around the world. The awards cover a total of 18 categories, like Best for Outdoor Enthusiasts, Best for Family, Best for Brunch, etc. This year, the results whittled down from over 60,000 contenders to just a few lucky destinations. The Best for Brunch list has managed to clock in with just six stellar winners from across the world.

B&B Sei Stelle

Located in the town of Abruzzo in Italy, B&B Sei Stelle is a charming guest house offering cozy rooms and delicious meals. But the star of the show here is its brunch fare, which includes locally produced cheeses and meats, a variety of homemade cakes, and ferratelle, a traditional local pancake prepared in an intricate iron mold.

The Jefferson Hotel

The historic Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia, offers the beloved meal to visitors and hotel guests alike at its on-site restaurant, Lemaire. The menu consists of Southern-inspired foods with a modern flair, prepared using local ingredients. According to TripSavvy, the Sunday meal in this palatial hotel is the real showstopper.

Cranky Al’s

Located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, this unusually-named but beloved joint has made the top list for its delectable sweet treats. The maple-bacon long johns and Nutella-filled doughnuts are the most popular items among the dedicated customers of Cranky Al’s.

La Sombra del Sabina

La Sombra del Sabina is situated in Morelos, Mexico. According to the travel website, this restaurant has earned its spot for its extensive menu full of tasty treats and delicious dishes. The daily special items are the popular attraction in the diner.

Shirley Heights Lookout Restaurant and Bar

This popular spot is located in English Harbour Town in Antigua. Shirley Heights Lookout Restaurant and Bar has made its way to TripSavvy’s winner circle not just for its delightful seafood brunch offerings, but also for the stellar azure water views. It’s not just brunch, but brunch with a view!


Located in Tacoma, Washington, TibbittsFernHill has gained its much-deserved win due to its special brunch menu. All the items on the menu are prepared with care by focusing on locally sourced ingredients and fresh seasonal produce.