How to be Subtle About Picking Up the Tab For Your Table at a Restaurant

How to be Subtle About Picking Up the Tab

It feels nice to go out for dinner with your friends or families and be able to pick up the tab for the whole table. But you don’t need to make a big scene about it. Instead of creating a fiasco by shoving credit cards in the poor server’s hands, relying on subtlety is the best way to take care of everything. Here are a few ways to get the job done without much hassle.

Planning Ahead

It is the most definitive way to make sure that you pick up the tab for the table. Call the restaurant ahead of time on the day and inform the staff that it’s you who will be paying for the meal tonight. If possible, arrive at the restaurant early to ensure your request is properly understood. Hand over your credit card to the table server to clear up any confusion before the dinner starts. Parents or grandparents can make such a situation tricky by persuading, so factor that into your plan.

Handling Smoothly

Handling Smoothly

You can consider giving your credit card to the table server at the very beginning, just when everyone is ordering. But this method needs smooth moves avoiding any other eyes. Call upon your inner James Bond and sneak your credit card into the menu while handing it back to your server after ordering the meal. A snaky knowing smile may linger on your face, but make sure nobody notices it apart from the server!

Sneaking Away if Needed

It’s one of the best possible ways to ensure that you’re the one who picks up the tab. Excuse yourself to the restroom and use the time to seek out the table server and let them know about your mission. It’s the most common approach to getting the bill for the table and also is most appreciated by servers. But there’s also the risk that someone else from your party has already beaten you at your own game! If that’s the case, better luck next time!

Making the Big Reveal

Making the Big Reveal

The arrival of the check at the table is the moment when everyone starts to think about splitting it. For you, it’s time for the big reveal by announcing that the dinner was on you and you had already taken care of the check. Taking the cue, others possibly will start offering to take care of the tip, but you can manage that too if you want to. As they say, generosity is best served with a side of tactful grace!

4 Must-See Attractions in the Algarve

The Algarve in Portugal is becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations in Europe – and for good reason, too! From the soft, sandy beaches to the delicious food, it’s no wonder more people are flocking here every year. Here are four of the must-see attractions if you’re planning a visit.

Ponta da Piedade

Make your way south of Lagos and you’ll find the dramatic headland of Ponta da Piedade. You can hike your way over the stunning headlands before taking the steps down to the sandy beach, complete with clear blue waters. You can also jump on board a boat to explore all of the caves and cliffs, if you’re feeling adventurous!

Praia da Rocha

Hailed as one of the best beaches in Europe, nevermind just the Algarve, you simply have to visit Praia da Rocha during your stay. The sand almost looks like glass it’s so pristine and the waters are perfect for surfers and swimmers alike. To turn this into a whole day trip, head to the Fort of Santa Catarina which is a stunning 17th-century fort.

Lagos Old Town

If you’d rather keep away from the water, then head to the stunning, historic Lagos Old Town. The cobblestone streets are like a piece of artwork themselves, but you’ll also find plenty of history and culture in the town’s museum. There are plenty of things to see in Lagos Old Town, including the Baroque Church of Santo António and the historic (if haunting) 15th-century slave market.

Dining in the Algarve

There really is something quite special about the food in this part of Portugal, which is renowned for delicious seafood. Unsurprising considering its position on the Atlantic ocean! Popular eateries offering local food include Restaurante Cidade Velha in Faro and Le Cro Portugal in Carvoeiro.

With so much to see, do, and eat in the Algarve, it was hard picking just four must-sees!