40+ Travelers Are Sharing the Most Disappointing Tourist Traps They’ve Ever Visited

40+ Travelers Are Sharing the Most Disappointing Tourist Traps They’ve Ever Visited

Tourist traps are found all over the world. They’re generally places where people feel that they have to visit in order to make their trip worthwhile. Most of these places are a little disappointing, as potential visitors have built up their expectations. This means that, sometimes, the reality is not exactly what they imagined. Here’s a compilation of some of the most disappointing tourist trap destinations.

Soggy Sydney

A Sydney boat trip is the ultimate tourist trap. Unfortunately, this visitor had a soggy and unpleasant experience. What a way to remember that trip to Australia that they had probably been planning for a while.

Soggy Sydney

This is the true travel aftermath of the pandemic, it seems. At least she’s smiling, and making the most of her trip despite the weather — and the fact that every sight she wanted to visit was closed.

Chased by Mario

Times Square is the classic tourist trap, most actual New York inhabitants avoid the area like the plague. Tourists though, always seem to love it. It’s crowded, loud, and crazy — but can you really say you’ve been to NYC if you don’t go to Times Square?

Chased by Mario

It does get complicated, however, when you’re being chased by life-size cartoon characters demanding money from you! These poor tourists could definitely not handle being harassed by Super Mario.

The New Pose

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the biggest tourist traps ever. Naturally, everyone wants a photo for their Instagram of them ‘touching’ the tower, as demonstrated by the hundreds of tourists in the background.

The New Pose

It does help the experience if you have a competent photographer who understands the assignment and can actually guide you to the perfect pose — ya know, to make the trip to this over-photographed monument worth it.

Where’s the Sand?

We agree with the poster here — Ipanema Beach is absolutely packed and the pool seems like an infinitely better option (but maybe that’s because sand is the worst). However, if you love a bit of umbrella spotting, this place is for you!

Where’s the Sand?

Though, with that, we also think this poster could have searched around a bit more… or checked out a few other beaches in Rio that would have satisfied his birthday vacay! There are plenty of beautiful places to enjoy!

Hurry Up!

We all know this feeling far too well when you want to get a new profile picture at a tourist attraction, but the line is intimidating. It feels like there’s absolutely no time to get a good pose on and do an outfit check, we can feel that stress from here.

Hurry Up!

We, do, however, think that she is exaggerating a little, she does not even look awkward. If we were to take the exact same picture, we would 100% look like a potato.

So Authentic

This tourist trap looks pretty cool on the outside, however, shady ‘peeps’ doesn’t sound so good. Even if the place is cool, why go somewhere in which you have to be on high alert the whole time while you should be enjoying and relaxing?

So Authentic

Surely there are other cool places in Buenas Aires to see tango dancers and other elements of the culture! Still, it does look beautiful and colorful, so we can understand the attraction.

Temple Tantrums

Even the coolest place can be totally ruined by the weather. Add a procession into the mix and this tourist trap becomes a bit of a disappointment. We can already imagine how great it would look on a sunny day with a bright blue sky!

Temple Tantrums

On the bright side, even if the picture isn’t the best it’s pretty neat to see the temple being used for its actual purpose and not just existing for tourist snaps. You can’t always get the perfect photo of a place, right?

Santorini Problems

Exactly what u/generalb0ss said — Santorini Problems. You pay a lot of money to get to this breathtaking island, expecting to capture the perfect shots in your vacation outfits, ready to make everyone at home jealous with your idyllic snaps.

Santorini Problems

The problem with this amazing location? It’s almost constantly packed with tourists. The solution? Probably visit in the off-season when it’s cold and everything is closed. At least, though, you’ll have the place to yourself!

Pinch the Louvre

Tourists traps and unoriginal snaps. One does ask, why does everyone want the exact same photo of the exact same thing? There are hundreds of different posing opportunities, so we agree with u/thebeautyneuron on this one!

Pinch the Louvre

They’ll, however, probably be waiting until the end of time — as there are actually hundreds of people who are just waiting to pinch the Louvre. If this poster is truly into originality, there are tons of other places in Paris to get a more unique picture of something else.

Scenic Phone Calls

Waiting is always a part of getting a good photo in a popular tourist spot, but waiting for someone to finish a phone call in front of a tourist spot is pretty crazy. The lack of self-awareness.

Scenic Phone Calls

At least they eventually got their photo and made some new friends in the meantime! These moments are all part of traveling and experiencing the world. The caller probably had no idea that they were in the way of the photo!

Triomphe Traffic

This poster definitely took a risk to get a good shot. We’re not sure a photo in front of the Arc de Triomphe is worth almost dying, but who are we to judge?

Triomphe Traffic

You just don’t imagine tourist traps to be directly in front of a busy street. We wonder how many people actually have been hurt getting selfies for their socials. Take care out there, guys!

Monkeys, Buddhas, and Chips

When you go to a popular tourist site, you don’t automatically assume that your experience will be marred by a monkey. This visitor experienced a bit of primate aggression while trying to enjoy the marvelous statue in front.

Monkeys, Buddhas, and Chips

It must have been a rather large monkey if it was capable of running somebody over and we appreciate that the monkey actually sat at the table to enjoy his stolen chips. If anything, this just made the experience much more interesting and funny.

Train (Un)fare

Machu Picchu is beautiful and incredible, but is it worth getting on the most expensive train in the world? Probably not, which is why most people who don’t want to pay just walk on the train tracks.

Train (Un)fare

We’re not sure what they were expecting when they boarded the train to one of the biggest tourist traps in the world. It was always going to be pricey. We hope they at least felt that Machu Picchu was worth it, regardless of the expensive train fare.

Stranger Danger

It can be super difficult to get a good photo when you’re on a solo trip. However, what’s with the lack of trust? Most people don’t run away with people’s cameras. The little, old lady was just doing the poster a nice favor!

Stranger Danger

Maybe next time they could invest in a tripod to enjoy this tourist location a little more, or just learn to go with the flow. There are fewer bad people in this world than good!

Outside Views

This is one of the worst things about traveling — when you’ve planned your whole itinerary around the things that you want to see only to discover it’s closed.

Outside Views

Maybe they should have checked the opening hours ahead of time, however, at least they can say that they’ve ‘been’ to the Berlin Palace.

Nothing in Life Is Free

Obviously, when you have dinner with a view, you do expect to pay a premium — well, probably not for things that you never asked for. Though, this is actually kind of normal in some countries, so arguably they should have checked into the dining norms of the country.

Nothing in Life Is Free

These restaurants are, of course, a part of the tourist trap and if you want better value meals, it would be wiser to find another place that isn’t so close to the main attractions.

Inauthentic Camel Pictures

Well, if you want a convenient camel picture to make people think you’ve been riding camels around the desert, this probably does the trick. However, if you were actually looking to explore the desert, this is a bit of a scam. We can see the frustration, as it seems kind of pointless to ride a camel in what appears to be a large sandpit.

Inauthentic Camel Pictures

Then again, it does make sense that there’s a lack of camels — the pandemic has understandably affected tourism markets across the globe.

Playa Del Culture?

Playa Del Carmen is the ultimate tourist trap and basically anti-Mexico. As the poster has elaborated, if you want to see Mexican culture, don’t bother visiting this attraction. It really is a random mix of a lot of different cultures, catering mostly to the sunburned Americans in Panama hats.

Playa Del Culture?

As you can see, there’s the “traditional” Mexican cuisine, Subway! This tourist trap gives a good or bad impression depending on who you are. If you came for some sunshine and cheap cocktails, this is your place. If you wanted to actually see Mexico, best to avoid Playa Del Carmen.

Busy Bridges

As well as being a tourist trap, Brooklyn Bridge is genuinely is a bridge, so there are naturally going to be a whole lot of people. But, in saying that, we also realize that this is one of the most iconic photo-stops in the whole of NYC — so, we can see the frustration.

Busy Bridges

There are literally so many people that you can’t even see the bridge. At least her Instagram followers know that she was there, even if the picture is not as iconic and Instagram-worthy as she wanted.

Rainy Rio

Imagine paying to go up in a cable car to see the great panoramic views of Rio and you see this. Well, of course, you’re going to be disappointed. It’s not the sunny and envy-inducing photo that you expect to take here.

Rainy Rio

It sounds like they had a fair few other travel woes happening on their trip, we hope it wasn’t too bad and that they were in fact able to enjoy all of the beauty that Brazil has to offer.

Under Construction

It’s sad when you make a huge journey, spend loads of money, and get excited to see one of the most iconic monuments in the world — and then it’s completely covered in scaffolding and you can’t even see it.

Under Construction

This is worse than a tourist trap, it’s just full-on disappointment at this point. You would think, though, that tourists visiting London would do their research and find out these important details before traveling.

777 Steps to Disappointment

It’s always a shame when something doesn’t meet your expectations — and even worse when you invest so much time and money into a trip that disappoints you… especially when the toilets are gross and not included in the price!

777 Steps to Disappointment

Sometimes, though, this is the beauty of travel as you have to take the bad with the good. What u/theyoungjess considers an unsuccessful journey will be a funny story to tell in the future. If you want a perfect and easy experience, this kind of adventure travel should be avoided.

The Busiest Sunrise in the World

This bucket list item is one of the absolute must-dos in Cambodia. Obviously, it’s a tourist trap. It’s incredibly beautiful but since the sunrise ticket is one of the most popular options and is said to be the best time to see Angkor Wat, this means that it’s a total tourist trap.

The Busiest Sunrise in the World

What makes this particular situation even worse is the fact that the sun didn’t show up on time when Karla here specifically woke up for it. At least they still sort of enjoyed it.

Unsolicited Recommendations

Sometimes, a recommendation from a friend can be the best thing ever, especially when traveling, as it means that you get to visit the absolute best tried and tested locations. Sometimes, however, the recommendation does more harm than good.

Unsolicited Recommendations

Unfortunately, the most hyped-up places are oftentimes the most disappointing ones because of the built-up expectations. If this wasn’t so hyped up, it would be the low-key secret gem that travelers rave about. But, it sounds like an idyllic hut in the middle of the ocean wasn’t good enough for this guy!

High Season Hopes

While we love the adventurous spirit, this whole travel dilemma could have been so easily avoided by just checking the most basic of things like entrance tickets to a national park. Although, arguably, it turned out even better as they had the opportunity to discover some less-known beaches and enjoy a less crowded environment.

High Season Hopes

Especially in the high season, it’s so important to check ahead and make sure that everything is organized. This beach looks pristine and great, though — plus, they have it to themselves!

Trolley Trainwreck

Sometimes, things just go wrong. Although, it seems that these trolleys have a reputation for breaking down. No one wants to spend their vacation pushing a baby stroller over rolling hills. The whole experience must have been stressful, especially considering the fact that this poster was traveling with their kids.

Trolley Trainwreck

At least they can see the positive in this experience, what would have been an ordinary visit to a tourist attraction is now a funny family memory that they will laugh about for years!

Behind the Scenes

These perfect, pristine photos are all over Instagram — but there are many times when these types of pictures don’t show the whole truth. They don’t reveal the reality of waiting in the sweltering heat, just to get a good snap for Instagram. They look amazing in any feed and are great for making people envious back at home.

Behind the Scenes

But, is it really worth it? The poster definitely had the right idea of sitting back, eating ice cream, and actually enjoying the place. That’s what vacation is for, after all.

Drinking Bathwater

Well, this is definitely a unique disappointment from visiting a tourist destination. Sometimes, the expectations of tourists are extreme. There’s no logical reason why the water from the bath would taste any better than other water sources. Whether water even has a taste is up for debate.

Drinking Bathwater

It’s pretty crazy that tasting the water was the most exciting aspect of this trip for the poster — and not the architectural complexities of the baths or the history surrounding them.

We Wanted Vampires

The Dracula Castle does have a pretty cool image associated with it, but this guy has definitely been reading too much fiction if he thought that he was about to enter a meet and greet experience with the actual vampire.

We Wanted Vampires

It looks pretty cool anyway and it probably has a lot of interesting history. With that, it’s not as disappointing as this person believes — just probably another case of having high expectations.

Selfie-Stick Face Plant

Generally, icy places are freezing. It does sound like exploring this place is a challenge, albeit a cool and unique challenge! While face-planting does sound slightly painful, it just seems like that comes with the price when you visit an icy place like this.

Selfie-Stick Face Plant

We’re just imagining a bunch of people with selfie sticks flying around and falling over left, right and center. To be honest, it’s quite an amusing image. This is a place to take some very good non-slip shoes.

Grounded Balloons

This is a shame, as the whole experience is based on the hot air balloon actually getting off the ground. It seems this poster really does have bad luck with this tourist activity — three times is just a sign from the universe that she shouldn’t get into a hot air balloon.

Grounded Balloons

Still, it’s nice to see that she had a relaxed approach to the whole experience. She understands that not everything goes as planned and so, you have to make the best of what you’ve been dealt!


What’s the point in photographing a painting? There are a gazillion images online if you want to view them. Is it impossible just to enjoy art without feeling the need to document the moment using your smartphone? This is a classic example of tourist traps that just attract photo-takers to say that they’ve been to a place.


All of this photo-taking seems pointless in the end since all you achieve is a photo of 200 other people also snapping pictures. It must be extremely time-consuming to get a good glimpse of the actual Mona Lisa. This is a shame for people who actually appreciate art.

Tourists in Touristy Places

We think this poster has a warped perception of visiting a popular tourist location. Since it’s a tourist destination, of course, there will be other tourists. That’s just a fact of life.

Tourists in Touristy Places

In all honesty, this dude should be thankful for this experience rather than focusing on the fact that he had to share the space with other people.

Gum Scrapers

Imagine traveling far and wide just to see a wall — a brick wall — especially when you’re expecting it to be the iconic Seattle Gum Wall… only for you to discover that there’s actually no gum at all. That’s definitely a disappointment. At least this poster was able to get a photo in the process.

Gum Scrapers

It’s yet another unfortunate incident in which you can’t really plan ahead to see if everything’s in order. After all, it’s not like you can reserve a place to see the gum wall. Who would have known the wall would be scraped clean?!

Terrace Troubles

Busy rooftop terraces are a disappointing experience, especially when the view is so great. On the bright side, they got a great photo without paying premium prices for a meal or drinks.

Terrace Troubles

Rooftop terraces will always be popular, but it was a great idea to go and investigate another area to see more than just a pleasant view. There’s always a way to get the best of both worlds!

Wrong About Venice

Although she never elaborates exactly why Venice is such a disappointing destination, we guess sometimes a city can just give off a vibe. It’s probably another case of looking better on social media and imagining a place to be different than it really is. Or the falling apart buildings?

Wrong About Venice

Ironically, she’s probably part of the Instagram enablers, making Venice look incredible — as this photo is beautiful and shows no sign of falling apart buildings or any other bad part of Venice. It looks like a dreamy destination from here!

A Lack of Sticky Rice

It’s a shame when you really search for a place that’s off the beaten path and you want to see some real, authentic culture — but, what you actually get is extremely disappointing. We feel bad for this person, who clearly really wanted to try a local dish of mango sticky rice and couldn’t find it.

A Lack of Sticky Rice

Even worse, they were taken to a strip mall, which was just not at all part of the poster’s imagined authentic, cultural trip. Expectations versus reality at its worst…

Pursued by Pigs

The Bahamas Pig Beach looks so cool — it’s no wonder why so many influencers, celebrities, and even ordinary people love to visit. Who can resist cute pigs swimming in a turquoise ocean?

Pursued by Pigs

Fitness influencer Michelle Lewin was surprised by this pig, which decided to lunge at her and leave her with an unfortunate bite as a souvenir. Animals always make tourist traps that little bit more unpredictable and therefore, as the poster warns, watch out for the pigs!

Waiting on Wisteria

What was supposed to be a huge arc of curtain-like purple wisteria wasn’t quite what these tourists were met with. After all, they forgot about the changing seasons and thus, the blooming seasons. It wasn’t quite the display that they expected but at least they made light of the situation.

Waiting on Wisteria

It’s nice that they didn’t take it too seriously and that they found interest in the 600-year-old trees. Surely they’ll check this information online the next time they feel like visiting this tourist trap.

Social Media Swings

Oh, Bali… so cheap, well, until it became super touristy. It’s a little ridiculous to pay so much money just to sit on a giant swing. We can definitely see that the price-to-experience ratio could lead to some real disappointment.

Social Media Swings

At least this guy didn’t have to pay and got some really cool snaps. Social media seems to be the blame again for hyping up these locations, driving up prices — and then subsequently being a platform to vent about the underwhelming experiences. At least this dude got a standard Bali swing picture to prove that he was there.

The Locals

It’s always difficult when people are painted as being authentic when that’s not always the case. It sometimes can feel like something has been taken away from the experience — and even blur some of the cultural facts.

The Locals

In saying this, it’s a very popular tourist trap and, therefore, it’s slightly obvious that there won’t be real inhabitants living there. If you’re looking for authentic cultural experiences that are based around true locals, it would be advised to avoid well-known tourist trap destinations and do some research beforehand.

Niagra Falls Nonsense

This person was extremely disappointed by Niagra Falls due to its natural beauty being overshadowed by the ugly, concrete tourist facilities. It’s a shame that there’s always this need to over-develop around the most incredible features of nature.

Niagra Falls Nonsense

At least she could still appreciate the beauty of the place and even got a lovely photo of it. Maybe the Canadian side is better? At least there are several locations to appreciate views of this natural wonder.

Miserable Mekong

This Mekong experience sounds terrible. It’s sad that there’s so much plastic and debris in the river — so much so that it ruined u/champari’s experience. On the other hand, it’s good that they’re raising awareness about this issue on social media so that others don’t fall prey to the same tourist trap.

Miserable Mekong

These tourist traps take on a more serious note — these are not funny or silly mistakes but, instead, a sad destination that’s being funded by tourism and destroying nature along the way. It’s terrible and hopefully, these types of tourist traps will cease to exist at some point in the near future.

[/post_page_title]Rainbow Sickness

Yes! Altitude sickness is definitely a real thing and it’s painful. Vinicunca, or Rainbow Mountain, is beautiful but a lot of people struggle with the hike. This couple should have considered acclimatizing beforehand — after all, not everyone knows just how badly altitude sickness can affect them.

The mountains are so worth visiting, although they’re quite deceptive in that they don’t look as challenging as they are! These guys found out the hard way, but we’re pretty sure they still have no regrets.

40+ Pics That Prove Brazil Is Unlike Any Other Country

Reddit // u/Locker_

The users of r/ItHadToBeBrazil are dedicated to showing people a closer look into Brazil and its citizens. They state, “We are funny, resilient, a bit ridiculous, a lot of fun and kind of weird, we are also tons of beauty and wholesomeness.” These Redditors regularly share some of their favorite sites and happenings in Brazil.

A Tasty Treat

With so much coastline, it’s no surprise that Brazil enjoys some beautiful beach days. Why wouldn’t you with the ocean so close by?

Reddit // u/JetBlack86

Of course, you still need snacks while you’re on the beach. Plus, what’s a better solution to a hot day than ice cream? At this cart in Maragogi, beachgoers can enjoy some freshly bought ice cream without having to leave the water. What could compare to tasty ice cream by the coral reefs?

Revamping the Money

If you have money, you probably don’t want anything unexpected happening to it. After all, that’s more than just a loose scrap of paper!

Pinterest // @chegaaiii

This person made a slight mistake when they had forgotten to take their money and ID out of their pocket before they jumped in the pool. When the two pieces of paper got wet, the ink transferred to revamp the money with a self-portrait. It’s an interesting change of pace, at least!

Leave This Bird Alone

No matter what type of pet you’re faced with, it’s a good idea to see if they want attention before you pet or play with them. It can be hard to tell sometimes but that isn’t something you have to worry about.

Facebook // Marcelo, a calopsita.

The box he’s in is covered with signs warning any onlookers that this is Marcelo’s house and that he isn’t a fan of visitors. If that wasn’t clear enough, “go away” and “danger” should sum it up.

Capybara Bread

If you aren’t familiar, capybara’s are adorable, large rodents native to South America. In other words, you’d probably see a few in Brazil if you found yourself there for a visit!

Twitter // @CAPYBARA_MAN

In this television program, they got crafty with some bread shaped like a capybara. It’s not only a great way to use a local animal as a theme but it’s a cute idea that we’re sure would steal the show at any dinner party. It turned out really well here!

Let Them Play!

Driving often means watching out for more than cars. For instance, animals like deer are fairly well-known for making their way into the road. Luckily, many places mark areas on the road where animals are known to hang out.

Reddit // u/lukveras

This way, they can offer an extra warning for people to watch out for animals. In this sign, they warn drivers to watch out for capybara who might be spending time near or on the road.

Very Funny

When it comes to pranks, it seems like the options are nearly limitless. So, what do you do when you want to pull a funny prank?

Reddit // u/[deleted]

According to whoever did this, it was to throw a little soap into a fountain in Tatuí and see what happened. The results were plenty of bubbles not only flowing out of the fountain but also flooding into the road around it. We have to wonder how long it took to undo this prank.

Three-for-One Deal

There are times that you probably shouldn’t cut corners. When you’re constructing a building, it’s probably better to stick to following full processes carefully. On the other hand, an easy solution is sometimes just too tempting.

Facebook // Electrical MEMES

In this case, they could have installed three different lights, especially given that they’re separated by a wall. We just have to wonder what exactly are you supposed to do when the bulb dies — it doesn’t look easy to change!

No Entry

It’s not uncommon to see certain animals wandering around. What animals you see can depend on where you are, though. It just so happened that one morning in Brazil, a cow decided to park itself in front of the Federal Police Station.

Reddit // u/buildmeupbreakmedown

This probably wouldn’t have been a problem if it didn’t refuse to let anybody in and wasn’t quite so large. We mean, it’s pretty difficult to move it unless it feels like moving out of its own accord.

Toucan Home

As time goes on, things change. As for these poles in Brazil, it meant a shift to concrete poles instead of less durable wood ones. This news could have been frustrating for some of the local wildlife, especially this toucan who had nested in the pole.

Reddit // u/MeliaDanae

That’s why the professionals who constructed the new pole made sure to keep the nest intact and in place for this flying friend. It looks like he likes it!

No Pockets? No Problem!

Sometimes, you see something odd that you can’t explain that makes you wonder why someone would do that. Other times, it seems like they’ve stumbled on something clever. Apparently, this person’s pockets were full or unavailable.

Reddit // u/mralix

Still, they didn’t feel like just holding their phone the whole time. So, what other solution could there be but to repurpose the back of their baseball cap? While unexpected, it’s a pretty clever solution to the problem at hand.

My Favorite!

Ice cream shops are amazing places to be. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to try a flavor of ice cream they’ll love?

Reddit // u/OwlGeneral

Another cool thing about ice cream shops is that you can try flavors you’ve never heard of before. In this case, you can even try a flavor that no one’s quite sure about! If you aren’t up-to-date on your Portuguese, the Redditor clarified that the flavor is named “I don’t know.”

Back With a Friend

This post tells quite the story. As a matter of fact, it’s so unbelievable that we can see why they included a picture to prove their point. It all started when this dude’s dog went missing.

Twitter // @CatioroReflexiv

Luckily, the OP found and brought his pup home after a month-long search. About a week after his return, the pup was playing outside and when he returned home, he had an identical friend with him — who he must have met during his little runaway adventure.

Now That’s Dedication

It’s interesting to see what people come up with to try. In most people’s off time, they might read a book or catch up on a show. That’s not the case for this Brazilian YouTuber.

Reddit // u/TheBoom1001

In a feat that few could hope to accomplish, he built his very own submarine. In fact, he even took to the water with it in a daring experiment. We’re impressed not only at the attempt but that it works perfectly!

The Perfect Pet

A lot of people walk their pets on a leash. It’s a great way to ensure sure they get some exercise whilst keeping them safe from wandering off.

Facebook // Pretinho Básico

Usually, if you see someone holding a leash, you might expect to see a dog on the other end. That wasn’t quite the case here. This pet owner was just trying to make sure that his pet duck got some exercise while he grabbed a bite to eat.

Making Room for a Barbecue

You can’t blame someone for wanting to cook up something good for themselves or their family. How do you do that with little space, though?

Reddit // u/[deleted]

This person just wanted to enjoy a little barbecue and they had a great idea as to how to pull that off. Since they didn’t quite have anywhere else to do it, why not just slip it out the window? A satellite dish can make for a great table in a pinch, apparently.

Stopping Thefts

There’s a litany of ways that stores work to stop shoplifting. Many stores install a detector at the door.

Twitter // @InternetDEscada

This shop in Brazil had another, much easier idea, on the other hand. They simply only put the left shoes on display. This way, you can still try on the flip-flops but you aren’t going to have the chance to steal a pair. You get the second shoe when you make your purchase at the register.

Fashion Forward

Anyone who has taken their phone outside in the summer knows how fast they can overheat. So, how can a driver in Brazil keep their phone from baking in the sun?

Reddit // u/Locker_

The best way is to keep the phone out of direct sunlight but this is hard when you’re using it as a GPS. This Uber driver managed to come up with a cute and clever solution — they gave their phone a little hat to block out the sun.

Sometimes it Gets Busy

Any highly-populated place can see some chaos when traffic becomes bad. That doesn’t just exist for independent drivers either. Anyone who has taken public transport before knows that a seat isn’t always guaranteed.

Reddit // u/TTakk444

However, standing isn’t always quite as comfortable. To avoid either situation, these two took their seats through the emergency exit in the roof. We hope the bus didn’t face any low clearances like a bridge or low road sign!

An Amazing Alternative

There are times that the place you’re staying in might be missing out on some popular features. For example, access to working Wi-Fi. They can offset it, though, by offering other benefits of the place.

Reddit // u/Automatic-Air-1382

In all honesty, few people would probably turn down spending their time with a cute little cat in this green oasis. A cute cat is definitely more than enough to distract us from the lack of access to binge-watching streaming services all weekend!

A Touch of Nature

Usually, when man-made elements are added to an area, some of the natural elements are cleared away to make room for them. For instance, you have to clear an area before building a road.

Reddit // u/iagoruby

The same is true for a sidewalk. However, that doesn’t mean that those natural elements stay away forever. On this sidewalk in Brazil, the trees are starting to take back the sidewalk space with sprawling roots reaching almost clear across from one side to another.

Watch Out for the Animals

When you’re outside, you have to respect the animals around you. After all, you’re in their home this time, so you can’t be mad that they’re there.

Reddit // u/yetsobrave

On top of that, not every animal you see is as friendly as you might hope. In this locale, you’ll want to watch out for black rats. We can’t think of a worse way to top off a peaceful walk than a rat attack, so it’s probably best to just listen to the sign.

Chilly Horses

When the weather starts getting colder, you have to take measures to stay warm. That goes for more than just you, too. Of course, you’ll also want to keep the animals you’re in charge of warm and safe.

Reddit // u/orige

That’s why they sell so many sweaters for dogs! In this case, this person had to make sure their horse was warm in a coat that even keeps their face both warm and safe from the biting wind.

A Little Condogminium

If there are a lot of dogs around that don’t seem to have homes, you might want to do something to help. Many people opt to set out food or even adopt one.

Facebook // Crime ocorre nada acontece feijoada

On the other hand, someone here obviously went the extra mile. They didn’t even stop at a single dog house but built an entire con-dog-minium to keep them safe and dry while they rest! There are even stepping stones and a porch leading up to it.

Over It

If there’s one popular concept about Brazil, it’s a passion for soccer. However, living near a soccer field can have some drawbacks. Even if this person loves the sport, they didn’t love how many balls hit their window.

Facebook // The Football Arena

This spiked window cover seems like their last resort but it looks effective, to say the least. Plus, those specific balls will never hit the window again since their rendered effectively useless by their sharp landing.

Turning Tables

If you’re going to make a rule, you should probably make sure there isn’t an easy workaround. After all, people can get rather creative. This Redditor explained that this picture was taken shortly after the mayor put a ban on tables on the sidewalk.

Facebook // Knoop

The good news is that they found a way to still enjoy a little outdoor social time while technically staying within the rules. This truck bed definitely isn’t the sidewalk.

Keep it Safe

Going grocery shopping is a regular occurrence. So, it might surprise you if you see something different or out of the ordinary. That’s why this person was so surprised to see a change at their local grocery store.

Reddit // u/LucasSkudy

The store had taken extra security measures today, including adding security devices to the meat. We wonder how many pieces of meat were stolen before they decided to invest in these devices and whether they stuck around or not.

A Wholesome Accessory

If there’s one thing that you can rely on your grandmother for, it’s to come through with good food and cute crafts. This grandmother is no different.

Twitter // ahnirbed

When her son came home with this motorbike, this OP’s grandmother knew exactly what accessory he was missing. After all, it wouldn’t do to have the kickstand scuffing the floors anyway. What better way to get around this than a small, crocheted mat to support it?

A Bold Approach

Certain jobs come with a lot more safety restrictions. In the end, if you work with a lot of dangerous equipment, you have to be careful while you do your job.

Reddit // u/abcspacenext

There’s a lot to consider in this picture but we’re really stuck on where this person is working. Those sparks are getting dangerously close to the highly flammable and large propane tanks right next to them. If it works, points for bravery, at least.

Boats Need Fuel Too

We’ve already briefly touched on the fact that Brazil enjoys a lot of natural water features, from beaches to rivers. In turn, that means there are a lot of boats.

Reddit // u/[deleted]

If you have a boat with an engine, you’ll need to fuel up from time to time. However, if you aren’t near the shore, you don’t necessarily have to panic. There are some useful solutions including this floating gas station that people can stop at right on the water.

A Cute Interview

There’s nothing quite as striking as some of the unique perspectives that local new sources tackle. They’re ready to get the perspective of community members you might not consider interviewing.

Reddit // u/Beloni_BR

In this case, this anchor knew that the dog they ran into had something valuable to say. Well, it doesn’t look like they said much actually but we wonder if the microphone was quite as tasty as this pup hoped. This is one interview we wouldn’t want to miss a second of.

That’s a Bit Frightening

There are some animals and insects that you don’t want to cross. Most people shy away when a single wasp gets into their home or car. We’re not sure we could handle stumbling across a wasp nest like this one found in Brazil.

Reddit // u/Kaze_Senshi

The rare find was luckily abandoned and weighed in at a total of just over 33 pounds. It would have been a nightmare to stumble across while it was fully active!

That’s One Solution

There are some jobs that you need a ladder for. There’s just no way that you can hope to reach some things otherwise.

Reddit // u/rbm78bln

This group wasn’t about to get deterred by a missing ladder. Instead, they just compiled one themselves out of a few nearby items. The result looks rather terrifying to put to use but they all seem fairly confident in their creation and casual about someone using it. They managed to make it work!

A Family Outing

There’s wildlife that people can see even in their own backyard. In Brazil, like many other places, one animal that you might see is an opossum. This person looked out their window to see a particularly striking sight one day, though.

Facebook // UNILAD 

Not only was there an opossum walking on the line outside the window but it was a mother with all of her children hanging on for the ride! They managed to capture quite the cute family outing.

Everything’s Cure

There are certain businesses or public places that you might walk into that seem to take their security very seriously. There’s a variety of measures that a business could take.

Reddit // u/dbirdflyshi

As for this business, they made sure to secure everything… even the cameras that were already there to monitor everything. It makes sense — if someone stole the security camera, it wouldn’t do the business much good. At least this way, it can’t be stolen intact.

No Bread for the Dog

It’s up to owners to monitor their pet’s diet. They have to make sure that their pup is getting all the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Reddit // u/Zulrambe

Sometimes, a vet might put a pet on a diet. In that case, little habits — like sneaking the dog treats — can cause a problem. This dog owner cut past this problem with a straightforward accessory reading, “I’m on a diet, don’t feed me bread.”

That’s a Strong Dog!

Any pet owner can tell you that your pets will surprise you pretty frequently. You’ll learn they can do a lot of things that you thought they couldn’t.

Reddit // u/[deleted]

Still, this dog might take the cake on impressive feats. At this point, we have to wonder how his teeth are so strong just as much as how strong his jaw is. We also have to wonder what prompted this dog to carry a cinderblock around at all.

Memes on the Beach

No one said that selling cotton candy on the beach has to be a boring job. These cotton candy sellers had an idea on how to spice things up. They probably didn’t expect to run into two other people who had the same idea, on the other hand.

Reddit // u/pontoumporcento

Still, they saw the opportunity that was in front of them and took it, recreating the Spider-Man meme because what other pose would really fit the situation better?

Sick of the Noise

Even if you haven’t played with one of these chicken toys in real life, they aren’t silent. They’re meant to make a loud noise as dog toys tend to do.

Reddit // u/DenisRizzoli

This has also meant that there are plenty of jokes and memes around these chickens. This shop owner in Brazil had enough when they posted this sign with the toys, begging customers to please not squeeze the chickens anymore. It would definitely get old after a while!

What a Deal!

Don’t we all want something free from time to time? Even if we have to pay it off later, it could be a helpful option in the moment. This business saw the merit in a “buy now, pay later” type of plan.

Reddit // u/Automatic-Air-138

So, they made their customers a deal that you can see here. If you want to buy now and pay later, that isn’t a problem, but you can only do so once this eye blinks. You might have to wait a while.

Photo Finish

We’ve discussed a few animals so far and we’ve even heard about a few more threatening ones. So, it’s nice to have a change of pace. When this person took a picture with this monkey, they probably didn’t expect such a perfect result.

Reddit // u/Summery_Captain

Yet, when they snapped the picture, the monkey was ready with a thumbs-up pose for the camera. All in all, it’s a photo that couldn’t have turned out any better.

Off the Beaten Path

Paths and bridges are often used to help people get from point A to point B and direct the flow of traffic. If people use them, that is.

Reddit // u/hectorvieira

As for this trio, we can’t technically say that they aren’t on the path. They just happen to be on top of it entirely. We do wonder if it was easy to climb on top of the path or if it took an extra effort to use this route.

Work and Comfort

Plenty of people work or study from the comfort of their own home. So, why not take advantage of the comforts of home, then? This person may have come up with the ideal setup here.

Facebook // SI da depressão

In the perfect blend of work and comfort, they set their laptop up on a table that allowed them to lounge in a hammock while they worked. With a shady spot and some fresh air, this could make for a pretty good workday.

It Was a Good Effort

There are some headlines that you see about crimes that give you pause. Some might even make you laugh in disbelief.

Pinterest // @jornalcontabil

If you can’t read this headline, it’s about a man who was arrested for counterfeiting money. Apparently, they were good enough at it to use their counterfeit money to pay their bail as well — not quite convincing enough to fully get away with it, however.