The Best Hotels Found Throughout Amalfi

Italy has long been one of the top bucket list destinations for many. If you’re traveling to the country, then you want to make sure your stay is full of style, right? Amalfi screams “luxury” and is filled with plenty of places to stay. These are the best hotels found throughout Amalfi.

Le Sirenuse

If you want glamor, look no further. Le Sirenuse is one of the most luxurious hotels in Amalfi, thanks to the handmade tiled floors and the vaulted ceilings. Top that with a private pool terrace that overlooks the water below, and you’re onto a winner.

Hotel Santa Caterina

There’s staying on the Amalfi coast, then there’s staying at Hotel Santa Caterina. The hotel has rooms that face right out onto the water and features glass elevators that take guests down past the lemon groves and gardens. It really is a stay that’s unlike any other in the world.

Casa Privata

Believe it or not, but Casa Privata used to be a fisherman’s house. Now, it features seven bedrooms that all have their own quirks. The garden suite is one of the best gems as the room is set away from the rest of the house. The best bit? It comes with its own hidden platform and sun loungers on the rocks below.

Belmond Villa Margherita

Everything at the Belmond Villa Margherita has been designed with privacy in mind. The Amalfi hotel is found at one of the prime locations on the hill and is surrounded by citrus groves. There is even a private cobbled road that leads to the villa that can be rented as a whole or split into two separate guest suites.

If you want your next trip to Italy to be one filled with luxury and style, then it could be time to check out the best hotels found throughout Amalfi. After all, the town earned its classy reputation for a reason.

4 Reasons to Visit the Country of Georgia ASAP

Located in between the Black Sea, deserts, and the Caucasus Mountains range, Georgia is a hidden gem of a land. It’s also pretty unexplored by many travelers. Here are 4 reasons to visit the country of Georgia ASAP.

The Highest Village In Europe

You need to travel up the Caucasus Mountains to see the highest continuously inhabited village in Europe: Ushguli. Each house is connected by medieval towers. This is thanks to the eclectic history of the town that has since been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This village is full of the wonders of the past as people still gallop their horses through the dirt tracks while trying to avoid the free-range livestock.

Ancient Churches

Christianity has filled Georgia since 324 CE, and the nation has built several incredible churches ever since. Some have been named as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, while others simply come with breathtaking views of the area and delicate architecture.

Sulfur Baths In The Capital

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is filled with all kinds of wonders, including the sulfur baths. They have been used for generations as settlers chose the area thanks to the warmth of the natural baths. The hot springs have been a major point of the local culture and identity ever since.

Cities Formed In Caves

Georgia is home to some of the most intricate – and impressive – cave cities in the world. There are plenty of cities that are waiting to be explored. A popular choice is Vardzia as it lays underground and was once home to 2,000 monks. Another option is Uplistsikhe, as it resembles some kind of lunar landscape.

Georgia isn’t a country that all of us consider when looking for our next adventure. Still, there are so many reasons why a trip to the nation should be added to your bucket list.