The Best Tiny-Home Resorts Across The US

There is something about living in a small space that appeals to many of us. If you want to try it out for yourself or want a vacation with a difference, why not think about checking into one of the best tiny-home resorts across the US?

Canoe Bay Escape Village – Wisconsin

A trip to this tiny-home resort will greet you with views of rolling hills and miles of beautiful landscape. Being so close to nature means you’re never far from outdoor activities, such as cross-country skiing throughout winter and kayaking, fishing, and hiking in summer.

Tiny House Village At Sunshine Key – Florida

Now, you can take in all the fun of Ohio Key, Florida, from the comfort of a tiny-home resort. The brightly colored homes have plenty of outdoor space that comes complete with decks that offer up waterside views. Did we mention that Bahia Honda State Park is close by and offers plenty of outdoor fun for your vacation?

Fireside Resort – Wyoming

These picturesque tiny-home cabins are going in the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. You are mere minutes away from national parks. Yes, that means your days can be filled with hiking trails and everything the outdoors has to offer.

Think Big! A Tiny House Resort – New York

If you venture out of New York City, then you’ll soon be greeted with this tiny-home resort. It’s nestled between waterfalls and mountains and comes with everything you need to relax. There’s a pool, cedar soaking tub, art studio, and fire pits to keep walk. Amazingly, there are also roaming farm animals to welcome you to your room.

You might have heard of tiny homes, but what about tiny-home resorts? These are some of the best found all across the US that are sure to offer a new way to enjoy your vacation in style.

Trip Stacking Is Catching on

There was a time when people would plan trips one at a time, but things have changed drastically since the pandemic. More and more people are booking their trips in twos and threes as backups. This new tends is on the rise and has been titled ‘trip stacking.’ Wondering what it is all about? Read on to find out. For all you know, you could be part of this trend too.

What Is Trip Stacking

This trend involves people booking more aggressively. For instance, if you book a trip for a cruise experience then you may also book another one as a backup to another country. You can then end up going on a trip that may not be canceled considering the current game of life and the travel rules constantly changing. So, travelers plan multiple trips at a time and pick the one that suits them best, based on the current climate and postpone the others.

When Did it Begin

It is not a very new trend. Trip stacking began somewhere from May to June, once the vaccinations began rolling out in Europe and the US. The trend spiked further when the new Covid-19 variant started disrupting travel plans. People, who had waited for months to go traveling, had to cancel their plans. By the time it was August, over 50% of Americans had either canceled or had changed their plans to travel.

Who Benefits From This Trend

Trip stacking is a boon for some and bane for others. When travelers book more trips, travel agencies end up earning more money. However, tour companies, cruise lines, and hotels may not benefit much from it when travelers cancel. There are other pitfalls to consider. For instance, when a traveler books a flight ticket they do not intend to take, the airline will hike up the prices for others as the seats fill up. However, many believe that this trend will fade once the pandemic comes to an end.