Want A Hotel With A Difference? Why Not Check Out Icehotel?

There are so many unique and quirky hotels in the world, but what about one made entirely from ice? That’s right; the Icehotel is just what it says in the title. The best bit? An annual visit means you’ll always have a new experience.

Creating The Magic

Japanese ice artists traveled to Jikkasjärvi in 1989 to create a new art exhibition in the area. Artists returned the following year, and it wasn’t long before guests wanted to stay in the rooms. This was the beginning of the Icehotel. Now, the structure has become a huge attraction for people all around the world.

Want A Hotel With A Difference? Why Not Check Out Icehotel?

Reborn Every Year

The entire hotel is made from snow and ice that’s frozen from the local river. Yes, even the furniture has been carved from ice. However, the warmth of the summer means that it melts as soon as the winter is over. Thankfully, this gives the Icehotel the chance to rebuild their creation every year.

Finishing Touches

As well as having the chance to make a new hotel every year, the Icehotel wants to make sure that the interior is always different. The hotel enlists the help of ice artists from around the world who arrive to carve their work into each room. To top it off, they even create the icebar, church, and main hall every year.

Want A Hotel With A Difference? Why Not Check Out Icehotel?

A New Addition

The Icehotel is an incredible stay for many, and it seems as though the hotel wants to keep up with the demand. They added the Icehotel 365 in 2016, meaning guests can enjoy the polar experience all year round. The hotel is kept cool thanks to solar energy.

If you want to know what it’s like to sleep in 23 degrees Fahrenheit, then it could be time to check out the Icehotel. A stay here really is like no other hotel in the world.