The Most Expensive Hotel Will Cost You $80,000

If you have ever thought you paid a bit too much for your hotel stay, it is sure not going to compare to the price of the most expensive hotel suite in the world. If you’re now thinking you want to check this out, then be warned it is going to set you back $80,000… for one night. Now, this is seriously living the high life.


Geneva, Switzerland, houses The Hotel President Wilson, which offers the largest suite in Europe at 5,500 feet, and also the has the most expensive hotel room in the world. To get to the room itself, you must go through a private elevator which will take you to the top floor of the Royal Penthouse Suite. Not to be mistaken with an average hotel room fit for one or two, but this suite comes with a staggering 12 bedrooms, allowing you and a dozen friends to live it large.

While also fit for a very large family, the wraparound terrace is sure to blow you away with the view of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. With Geneva not always providing the warmest of temperatures outdoors, have no fear, because there is also the choice of two jacuzzi’s, which are situated in the two master bedrooms.


Just like the outdoors are set for awe-inspiring views, the indoor interior is sure not to disappoint. For an over-the-top suite, comes over-the-top amenities inside, making the option of staying in all day that ever more favorable. This includes the world’s largest TV screen by Bang & Olufsen, a billiards table, a Steinway grand piano, Hermès toiletries and an art collection of rare and ancient pieces.


With red carpet in the bedroom and gold furnishings fit for a queen, it is no surprise many celebrities choose to stay there for their visit. So, while the paparazzi may not be waiting for your royal entrance, if you have $80,000 going spare, then you can be in for a real treat.