This Mountain Has One of the Steepest Ski Runs in North America

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Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is the perfect destination for any skier. Not only does Jackson Hole boast one of the steepest slopes in North America, but it’s shockingly suitable for beginners as well. No matter what your level of expertise, you’ll have a great time at this mountain resort!

Where to Stay

Teton Village is the closest option to the mountain, meaning you won’t have to carry heavy ski gear too far. It has two locations – Caldera House and Four Seasons Resort and Residences Jackson Hole. Guests are offered steam rooms, a pool, and a spa.

Where to Eat

Corbet’s Cabin is a seasonal cafe known for its delicious waffles. Boasting flavors like bacon and peanut butter, brown sugar butter, Nutella, strawberry, and lemon glaze, Corbet’s Cabin is accessible by aerial tram and you can ski down from the location, although the latter isn’t recommended for beginners. Piste Mountain Bistro is a perfect lunch spot with giant windows overlooking the snow. Lastly, Corsa is recommended for dinner. The Italian-style restaurant offers mouthwatering pizza and pasta.

Other Activities

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Even if you’re not a fan of skiing, Jackson Hole is still worth a trip. The area offers ice skating, sleigh rides, and hot springs, for those who need a break from the slopes.