New York Unveils Its First Designer Budget Hotel Where Rooms Cost $99!

Traveling to the Big Apple comes at a very big price. For most tourists, getting a good rate at a five-star hotel in a great area in Manhattan is almost unheard of and only the very lucky ones can boast of their jackpot deal.

Realistically, you cant stay in New York for anything under $250 per-night (and that isn’t even for a stylish hotel!) Many people have been crying out for years to open a hotel that is affordable, comfortable and stylish and although it hasn’t been favorable among hotel giants for years, this year it got the green light.


Nestled on 36th Street and 7th Avenue is the Moxy Hotel and one of five hotels set to open in the concrete jungle. Moxy Times Square is the New York flagship of Marriotts new baby and expanded global brand. When you think Marriott however, you think corporate and smart, whereas Moxy is outrageous, loud and screams rock-n-roll.

Therefore, it would only be appropriate that it has been named “an energetic alternative to the typical hotel experience.” The hotel is all about innovation and design and went so far to shun traditional reception front desks in favor of touchscreen kiosks and apps to open your room with a scanning barcode.


Inside the rooms, functionality and design is clearly key as they are perfectly configurated to house folding furniture designed by Yabu Pushelberg, wooden bed frames with suitcase storage and open-pegboard closets.

The rooms all contain walk-in rain showers, complimentary wifi, Bluetooth soundbars and flat-screen HDTVs. Guests can choose from suite options ranging from king-size down to quad rooms with twin bunks.


However, although the mattresses and sheet are all incredibly comfy, the hotel offer a pair of earplugs next to your bed. This is due to the fact that their rooftop is a up and coming bar/club that has new dj’s spinning every night, getting the cool crowd hitting the dance floor hard. Celebrities have also been known to grace the venue as Heidi Klum hosted her invitation only infamous Halloween party there this year.

All in all, the new hotel is a fantastic experience for young people looking to visit New York, and at the end of your trip, your stomach won’t churn when you get your hotel cheque.