Quirkiest Hotels Around The World

So many of us love to travel, but why does that mean we have to make the same memories as everyone else in the world? Have no fear; there could be an answer. Staying at one of the quirkiest hotels around the world not only makes brand new memories, but it also lets us enjoy these new lands in a pretty unusual way.

Treehotel, Sweden

Treehotel is perfect for people wanting to get a little closer to nature in a whole new way. That’s because the rooms are suspended up to 20 feet off the floor and camouflaged by the mirrored exterior, meaning wildlife gets up close and personal.

Quirkiest Hotels Around The World

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Now is your chance to get close to these magnificent animals as Giraffe Manor is surrounded by resident giraffes. As well as the incredible suites on offer, you could share breakfast or dinner with the giraffes as they love to poke their heads through the windows at mealtimes.

Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Not only do you get to stay in the rainforest, but a trip to Costa Verde allows guests to sleep in a refurbished Boeing 727, too. It used to take people across the world. Now, the plane has been fully refitted and dangles over the edge of the jungle canopy.

Quirkiest Hotels Around The World

Sun Cruise Resort, South Korea

Do you want to head on a cruise ship without being on the water? Look no further. This cruiseliner is actually balanced over the edge of a cliff. It gives guests all the fun of being out at sea, just without the water.

There’s traveling the planet, and then there’s paying a visit to some of the quirkiest hotels around the world. They’re certainly a way to spice up your stay, as well as making memories that will leave your friends and family green with envy.