The Renwick Hotel Offers “Weather Guarantee” With Rainy Days Refunds

The Renwick Hotel Offers Booking Insurance Against Rainy Days

The Renwick Hotel, a boutique property located in Midtown Manhattan, New York, has introduced a unique “weather guarantee” in collaboration with Sensible Weather, a climate risk technology company. This guarantee assures guests that if it rains during their stay, they will receive a refund for that day’s room rate. This innovative initiative aims to provide peace of mind and protect guests’ investment in case of unfavorable weather conditions.

How it Works

Guests have the option to purchase the “weather guarantee” when booking their room at the Renwick Hotel. If rain is forecasted for two or more continuous hours between 9 am and 7 pm, the hotel automatically reimburses the daily room rate. To ensure accuracy, weather forecasts from reputable sources such as NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the National Weather Service are utilized. Guests receive a text message notifying them of the impending bad weather and the refund, even before the rain starts.

Benefits and Reassurance

Benefits and Reassurance

The Renwick Hotel’s weather guarantee no doubt offers travelers heading to New York City an appealing proposition. With an annual average rainfall of 1,119mm (46.3 inches), the guarantee provides peace of mind and financial protection for guests during their stay. While guests cannot cancel their reservation based on weather forecasts alone, the guarantee ensures that if it does rain, they will receive a refund for the affected day.

Expansion of the Concept

The Renwick Hotel joins the ranks of other establishments offering similar weather-related guarantees, such as Yonder Escalante in Utah and various properties within the AutoCamp group. This joint initiative between the Renwick Hotel and Sensible Weather has introduced a distinctive service concept that sets the Manhattan hotel apart from other luxury accommodations. This trend-setting effort exemplifies and reflects the industry’s commitment to enhancing guest experiences, ensuring customer satisfaction, and providing additional value, with more innovative approaches to guest services in the ever-changing hospitality landscape.