This Lavish Hotel Room in Las Vegas Is the Most Expensive One in the World

Have you ever dreamt of spending a night or two amidst an abundance of luxury surrounded by priceless art? If you got the taste and, of course, deep pockets, behold the most expensive hotel room in the world with an overnight accommodation cost of $100,000.

The Luxurious Accommodation

Yes, you’ve seen it right! The price tag of this room is indeed $100,000 a night. Quite predictably, the world’s most expensive hotel room is situated in one of the world’s most decadent cities – Las Vegas. The ultra-lavish accommodation is located at the Palms Casino Resort in Sin City. Named the Empathy Suite, the entire space is designed by NYC-based architecture firm Bentel & Bentel and also by famed British artist Damien Hirst. Hirst’s well-known elaborate, and expensive artworks often use real diamonds just to amp up the price. There’s also another quirk element in his interior art design, which is taxidermy animals!

The Interior and Features

Naturally, this special suite also features one of those macabre artworks of Hirst, replete with two taxidermy sharks. The rest of the interior isn’t quite so quirky, though, with glass and chrome finishing. On a sprawling area of 836 m2, the two-floored suite features two large bedrooms, a dining room, a massive storage space, a spa with fitness and massage rooms, and a private swimming pool. You’ll enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the city from the windows and the infinity pool. The suite also boasts a lounge for hosting 52 guests, a 13-seater bar, a private cinema, and a Jacuzzi too! There’s also a fleet of private employees like a butler, a chauffeur, and a bar staff to provide you with curated services during your stay. Moreover, A-list level access to the Pearl Concert Theatre, the KAOS Dayclub, and Nightclub, are all included in the service.